Gone Girl/ The good lie

Caught these two movies in the last week or two and was completely blown away.

Gone Girl 

A mystery movie where they try to solve the disappearance of the wife. The story line was so twisted. Although I have to say that this movie was dark and painfully warped. It was definitely worth watching once.


Told my mother what the morale of the movie was, and that is to not marry a psychopath, a enraged writer or equivalent. Do not make your spouse move to places far away from their homes and make them give up their pride and glory. Compromise to the point where you deem fit or expect resentment in the years to come.

Although, amazing amy is beautiful. Loved her with long hair.

I won’t reveal the end here so instead, here’s the trailer.

The good lie

Caught this movie with no expectations whatsoever but was shocked by how well the director was able to play with my emotions so well. This movie was actually inspired by a true factual event of the Sudan War. Not only did they capture the fear the protagonist and his brothers and sisters had as mere children, they also revealed and showed that even in the darkest of times a human has endured- be it war or some form of hardship, these men were able to come out of it stronger.

This show really brought a new face to what it means to love, to have a sense of family, due sacrifice and to show the extreme sides of humanity.

Probably the best movie I’ve caught thus far.

If you want to go fast, go alone.

If you want to go far, go together.


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