Loving yourself is the greatest resolution

I met a mutual friend for dinner the other week. In my defense, I was tired, it was after a long day at work and I came clad in a set of shorts, tee and slippers. He looked at me and went, “You’re the girl who never gives a f***”. I burst out laughing before I smiled. Only to the people I’m comfortable with, of course.

I stumbled across this quote today while attempting to clear out my Instagram. I had posted it almost three years ago and forgotten how much I had loved it.

They say, confront the difficult while it’s easy, accomplish one great step at a time. They say let things come and let things go and live without possession and live without expectation.

The first few days of the year has been extremely busy. My company recently started going back into full swing, with the new year and the upcoming programs and plans to run. Ideas are pretty essential and the amount of consideration for each idea can be quite difficult to outmaneuver.

But nonetheless, I met my favorite kippy for dinner on Friday night. We had this running thing that when we first started work and settle in (in a more financial independent state), that we would treat each other to a meal. So my dear Kippy decided it was time to be all grown up and return the treat and bought me dinner! Wow, I was impressed and so proud. Much like an older sister. Just as I tapped out of the turnstiles, she greeted me with a envelope. I was perplexed …. why? “Oh!” she smiles. “Merry Christmas!”

She made for me (from scratch, I’ll add) a beautiful tribal bracelet. I hardly wear bracelets but just because it came from her I’ll try to make more time to wear it. I love it!


She brought me to this hipster turkey restaurant called Derwish Halal Turkish Restaurant. It was a very quaint place, I loved their tables, which were tiled with old but beautiful patterns. They even served our ice tea in a metallic jar.


All was good until 35 minutes later when our food hadn’t arrived (Chicken breast kebab with rice and vegetables- which I promptly gave all my vegetables to Kippy once it arrived), and boy were we hopping mad to hear that they had forgotten our order. I personally don’t think I can stand anything worse than a server’s bad attitude, but thankfully our server apologized profusely, so we let this one slide.

Always a good one with you ❤



The Friday ended pretty well with us shopping and bidding goodbye. I was pretty tired (refer to the picture above to notice how tired I actually was) and wanted to go home, take a long shower and sleep. I rushed down the escalator and got onto my train and plugged in my earphones, glad that I had actually managed to get seats. I was wondering why it was so dark and that the train was underground for such a long time. Turns out, I was in the wrong direction and only realized it about 6 stops later. So instead of taking a usual 23 minute train ride home, it took me an hour on a whole to get back, and boy was I hopping mad at myself for being so careless.

That doesn’t end there. Being tired does something to you, it breaks your concentration. Or reduces your spatial awareness. I can’t tell which is worse. As I reached my train station, I decided (willingly) to climb down the stairs instead of taking the escalator down to burn some calories from dinner. I miscalculated that there was no step before the landing and stepped on the ledge of the step below me. I took a very loud, tumbling fall and landed on my knees- scraping my skin against the concrete.

And boy did it hurt beyond belief. My pride got me pretty far. I got up quickly and walked away, bearing the pain. But as soon as I got to a secluded traffic light, I noticed my kneecap was scrapped of skin, and showering was not easy that night.Funnily enough my brother noticed (all the way from china) what a rough day I had.

I hardly consider myself a klutz. I just think I’m pretty unlucky. That’s all.


So I slept the bad journey home away and woke up this morning excited to bits because…….. I was going to AMPED! For those who have yet to hear about it, AMPED is Singapore’s first ever indoor trampoline park. Me & Twin had already planned this trip there almost 3 months back, but have been struggling with conflicting schedules (again, story of my life).

We bought our tickets online, which cost us $16/- for one hour worth of jumps (Trust me, you can’t jump any longer than an hour because it’s so tiring!) but yes, it was pretty hilarious because we were probably the oldest there (dots…….) but anyway we didn’t really care too much about it. I probably let off the most steam in that one hour because jumping strangely made me feel light figuratively and metaphorically.

Oh and I fell, a lot. It was pretty funny but scary at first…… but yet again, since everywhere was padded,  it was no biggie.  It was a really good workout because I perspired through my shirt even though the air con was on so guys don’t underestimate trampoline jumping. It’s extremely hard work.

Word of advice: Don’t jump in the foam pool. The foams stank of old perspiration……… I jumped in and struggled to get out because it was so smelly. But other than that, It was a really fun experience!

After our jump, I sprained my neck and twin’s hands were shaking. It was so funny because it was a big slap in our faces to make us realize how old we are…..and probably how we shouldn’t be overworking our bodies. So we ended up eating our favourite Sushi Tei at JEM Mall (It was my first time there!) and going for a full body massage which helped us alleviate our pain.

It’s all about pain management.

I stood by this shop which sold one of a kind stuffed toys and cards, books and so on and spotted this cute sheep. I seriously have a thing for stuffed toys. I couldn’t resist and……Meet……..

I have yet to name it yet. But when I do, I’ll be sure to update this space. In the mean time you can say Hi to Cally’s sheep. Since she can’t be a shepherd because she knows nothing about the bible, a pseudo sheep would do-for the moment. Or until I decide to start from scratch and read a children’s bible story book.


Oh yes, this marks our first twin outing of 2015! Also because we’re pretty sentimental like that.


I have a feeling it’s going to be a great year.



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