#1 of 2015

While everyone jostles with the crowd to catch a glimpse of the fireworks and count down to the new year last night, I lay at home with my mother catching Gone Girl on TV. I sometimes forget how tough 2014 has been for my mother too, and I couldn’t pick a better person to share my last few hours of 2013 with.


On the last day of 2013, I remember how badly I wanted a new beginning. As my heart ached to no end, I wanted a fresh start. 2014 represented that in the following months to come, with busy periods, graduation, transitions of milestones, opportunities, new friends and family. But I forgot that with every high comes a low, and 2014 held two lows of my lowest low’s, one which I have been public about (here)- and the other, I kept strangely close to my heart. I like how some things are kept closed and silent, they hold a lot more weight somehow. Only existing as a inner monologue only you can understand.

With the influx of people posting to the new year,I felt strangely obliged that I in turn have to share my dreams, goals and aspirations for the year 2015. Not summarized in a sentence, but in thick chunks of paragraphs on every single social networking account that I have. After much thought, I decided 2015 will be different. I don’t know how or when I would change, but in the meantime- I’ll try to keep it real.

One of my closest friends is leaving this week for Rouen. We have been through every single argument in the book since we were 14. On our personalities, our actions, the boys we like, our life choices, our words for or against each other. The list is by no far exhaustive.

She wrote me something on my 21st birthday which stays with me till today. In it sheds some light as well as some hope and aspiration for what I have for 2015.

“Time softens the scars of yesterday and  embodies the soul for tomorrow. Take note of the time, and fight for the life you have envisioned.”

With that being said, today marks page 1 of 365. If we’re lucky we might have a few more books to go. So, hey. Get up and go. Let’s make it count.

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