To 2014, with love xx

I used to do this every since year since I started blogging back in 2009. It’s a tradition of my own to sit back and reflect back on what the past year has given me and what I’ve learnt from it. I’d usually post this on the eve of new year’s, but I predict some plans and work to be done on that day so I’ll blog about it slightly earlier.

So here’s what 2014 held for me.

I Graduated with a diploma in Gerontological Management Studies.

I’ve shared this previously on an older post (Click here) so I won’t go much into details except that the three years were difficult academically but fulfilling. I struggled through my last year and fought hard to keep my sanity intact through busying myself thoroughly at school and on internship, and in turn I was blessed with a commendation as well as a full time job offer ready for me on a platter right before my graduation ceremony. I also made really good friends through polytechnic and it was really the best three years of my academic life thus far.

I started Writing, and Thought Catalog gave me the opportunity to do so.


Writing has always been a passion of mine as I sought for solace in books of people stringing words together with such deep emotion. However, I have been convinced since young that Singapore Isn’t a strong rice bowl for pursuing a novelist or a writer’s career.There is always a guideline or a rule of thumb to follow, and that deterred me from writing creatively.

I feared to write what I thought, much because of what people thought of me. The fear of not living up to  their expectations of writing also played a huge role. Some people are able to detach their emotions and life experience when they write a piece, using their sole creativity and imagination. As for me, I could never detach. A part of me always lingered in a piece or a word that I wrote. Hence, writing here was like airing a little part of me to people I never knew, and boy was it scary.

As of this year, I have managed to write 15 pieces on things I felt and stood strongly for. Thought Catalog has helped me reach out to a total of 35,816 readers out of whom many have reached out through reader emails, found me on social media sites and became friends with all over the globe. I couldn’t be more grateful for the friendships forged and the encouragement I’ve received over the year from strangers who are friends I have yet to meet.

My 2 babies of the family are finally of a year old!

A baby is always a blessing to the family (until they turn into their terrible two’s, haha). I kid. I’ve always believed that babies are God’s way of showing that the world still continues on, and my personal rendition of the fact that life doesn’t stop for anyone. I baby sat them from time to time too, much to my own dismay and personal struggles of wanting to be a teenager and go out to play. Family has always been an important topic of mine and a priority that I have learnt to change and put first over the years, despite the many years of peer pressure and other struggles. But yes.

Family first. Always.

The departure of my father 

My father left quite unexpectedly and suddenly, and with it I had a lot of emotions to deal with. With that being said, it’s never a good thing when someone passes on. But through it, we learn to deal with it and to become stronger.

My father and I did not share a good relationship or end things on a good note when he passed on. But through his passing I have learnt to forgive. As well as to be thankful that my father thought of me from time to time in his periods of hardship, even when we were not on talking terms.

We always think we have more time, to make things up, to fix things, to let things be fixed. It is only when it is lost, then you realize that’s the fatality of life. Through it all I have learnt not to expect that tomorrow will come, and try to live as best as I can through.


Since the passing of my father, I have also realized that I had to make more time for the people I loved around me, and with such, it has brought me closer to my maternal grandmother.

I experienced many first’s this year

I was given many opportunities to pursue my interests this year. Through which, I attended my first ever conference (Re-engage), tried cable ski for the first time in Batam with the boys, and even did my first public speech at Temasek Polytechnic for GEM’s 5th Year anniversary. It was scary to be stepping a foot into the adult world of responsibility as each experience taught me to be more daring and adventurous. And I have to admit I lacked a lot of courage to pursue the things I wanted in the past.

Joining the Social Service Sector Full time/ As well as studying Part time

When I first started work at my current organization, I was a little worried about living up to the standard that they upheld, as well as fitting in with my colleagues. Sometimes, we meet difficult and challenging cases, clients or beneficiaries that can be overly demanding, rude and sometimes ungrateful that it really makes me question, “Why should I bother helping people again?”

Demanding people. Physical work. Running activities. Events and program planning. After a long day at work, imagine going to school for a three hour lecture from 7 to 10 at night. Not too bad right? Try that and multiply it by 3. (I had classes 3 times a week) Hmmm.

My classmates made it all better. Though we hardly meet up because we’re all busy with other things in our lives,we made time to help one another in times of trials and tribulations, tips and goals in our academic endeavors. I think that’s what makes me very appreciative of them, because no one can understand the struggle of working and studying together as well as them because we’re all going through it together.

As for my colleagues, over time, they have taught me many things, offered countless ears and given much advice to me. Seeing as how I am the youngest in the office, they have always looked after me like how an older sibling does to a younger one. I won’t lie to say this year in terms of juggling my work life and school life has been easy (because lets face it it really, really isn’t). But when you surround yourself with the right kind of people, it makes working a million to one times better than it seems.

As the year 2014 comes to an end , upon reflection, I realize the year held many opportunities and through the many wins and loses in life that I have faced. In each one, I am always, infinitely grateful to have every single one of you in my lives ☺

So here’s a sweet goodbye to the year 2014. You’ve been great but I think it’s time to move on.

To more curve balls, moot points and 2015. You’re gonna be amazing.



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