How I’ll Show You That I Love You

Another piece up live at Thought Catalog, Enjoy!

Thought Catalog

Franca GimenezFranca Gimenez

It’s nine in the morning and you’re on your way to work. You’d call to ask me if I’d have dinner plans tonight and say you’d pick me up at seven.

You’d tell me you’re excited and you can’t wait to see me. I’ll giggle to my screen under the scrutiny of the cat lady sitting beside me on the subway before chuckling and tapping backspace to home screen. We’d have a great time; with drinks under a starry night with good heartfelt conversations. You’d be the perfect gentleman and walk me home. You told me it was the least you could do, and I’d think you were too perfect to be true.

It’s two in the afternoon and I’ve arrived to work with a bouquet of daises on my desk. My colleagues squeal as they ask how in the world you knew what my favorite flowers were…

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