What Death Feels Like When You’re Alive

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Stephanie Red / Flickr.com.Stephanie Red / Flickr.com.

You stop dead in your tracks. Your body tenses up as your breath fastens. Each contraction of your diaphragm takes you a second closer to the truth, as your eyes dart from left to right at the mention of him. Why can’t you see him?

Your fingers tremble at the thought of him. You fear him. It has been ingrained into our hearts since we were children that he would one day come for us regardless of the circumstance. We learn that each time someone is taken away from us with or without a warning. More often than not, he swatted through families, homes, roads and even buildings. His presence on location was almost unpredictable. We were taught that we should never expect a reason that justified his presence.

Instead, we soothe our discontent with medical jargons written on a piece of laminated paper we name…

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