Let me work your tears away

Every year, the peak periods remain unchanged. The beginning three months of the year are mad crazy, with Chinese New year and packed birthdays each month. The next busy season falls with Christmas and the new year. Two years ago, our family spent Christmas in Halong Bay, Vietnam. Hence, the Christmas spirit was hardly felt. I have no clue where my mood for Christmas went to last year, it just dissipated into thin air. But this year marks a whole entirety altogether. I’m just so psyched for Christmas! And for the end of 2014 (honestly), I just want to leave it as it is, leave it all behind.

But for the record, I loved Halong Bay. Definitely going to come back here when I’m less tied down to the responsibilities here.

I caught a late movie last night with my friend Raphael at the nearby theaters. The battle of the five armies! (Which was pretty intriguing although I couldn’t remember what I watched from the previous movie on Smaug) and by the time I got home and washed up, it was almost close to four in the morning. So I lay in bed and fell into the deepest slumber I ever knew………….

I usually lock my room door before I go to bed. Habit, weirdly. In the wee hours of the morning, I got up to use the bathroom and went back to sleep with my room door unlocked. I was drifting in and out of sleep until I saw a red figure dart across my room. Before I knew it, my bed sank behind my back as I froze. A ghost? Guess again. Turns out, my brother had used his old keys, snuck into my room to wake me up for…….lunch. It was already 12pm and I was still in slumberland.

The process to get me up was tedious. He shouted, screamed, poked and finally we wrestled until I rolled off the bed and landed with a thud to the floor. He then proceeded to carry me (no joke) to the bathroom to wash up. Sigh. Brothers. I really could have done with the extra few hours of sleep. We were supposed to go to Mustafa to get some electronic goods but we ended up at Courts. Had some good old fashioned sibling bonding time with the brother, so I guess it wasn’t such a bad choice to get up after all.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

I started working full time somewhere in March this year. I was surprised this year to hear from my colleagues that there was something called a End-Year-Bonus, which pays all employees a 13th month salary. Because I never expected it, I was extremely happy with the sudden windfall. Also, because this was my first ever bonus that I received, I wanted to buy something that I’d like to use for myself, to treat myself a little better *grin*. So……. I bought a new……

42 Inch LCD Television to put in my room!


I can’t tell you how excited I am about the new addition to my room, and the fact that I will probably never go out and meet real people once the TV gets installed in somewhere early next week. Also, just in time for the festive season!

I have to be honest that I struggled with paying the television in the sense that this was my first big ticket item that I paid fully by myself. And considering how hard I’ve realized money is to earn after being a full time working adult made me consider the purchase since I know this is definitely a want and not a need. But at the end of the day Charles reminded me that I should do whatever makes me happy, and obviously save the rest of the money and not be a total idiot by spending tomorrow’s money for today (such rarity of wisdom in my brother is rare and needs to be noted down). So I’ve decided to not feel guilty about it and enjoy the purchase! Hooray!

Today was also my brother’s first housewarming party for our side of the family. I lugged around a Samsung Microwave for his housewarming gift and I swear I’ve never felt so weak in my life. Apparently, Samsung has this line of microwaves that have ceramic scratch free insides so they weigh a ton now. I’m not sure if that’s practical ergonomics but you know. My brother loved the microwave anyway.

Summing up the night with our first time playing Cards with Humanity with the family! Couldn’t ask for a better Saturday night with the bunch.


Much love,

xx Cal


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