Saying goodbye to something close to your heart is always the hardest thing to do

Fifteen minutes before we have to go ! ” He screams across the hall while I stay rooted at what seems to now be an empty room. I run my hands against the tinted blue walls hoping to make sense of why leaving felt so difficult. It was as if a rug was pulled right underneath my feet. Breathless. Disorientation. But what made it even more confusing was that I chose this. I chose to leave.

It took me awhile to notice that I was sadly sentimental. It was a matter of noticing that all that was left was a shell of the former me. I was deep in my thoughts of reminiscence as he came from behind and put his hands on my shoulder. “Why does it seem like you’re afraid to leave?”

I sighed half forming my thoughts and perceptions before I spoke. “This place once held all my dreams, hopes and aspirations as a young adult. I wrote on walls, papers and even diaries of dreams, hopes, resolutions and pasted up pictures others illustrated that I only dreamed of creating with my own hands. But now the empty room only painfully reminds me of one thing- and that is change is the only constant.

He smiles and snatches my keys away from me, grinning from ear to ear, “tomorrow awaits a brand new start for you. And this time, you’re never getting the keys back.


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