Here we go again, I feel the chemicals kicking in

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Day 4 of braces update: I can bite with my back molars, I still can’t chew food efficiently and if my top and bottom front teeth hit each other- a stinging rush of pain shoots through the roots to the gums. Other than that, the condition of my eating habits have more or less reverted back to normal, just with more effort to source for the ‘right’ kind of food (soft foods) and more time needed to actually eat because chewing takes forever. Other than that, it’s getting bearable, and I’m slowly getting used to the way I talk, eat etc.It’s just really uncomfortable. That is the key takeaway from this paragraph. Uncomfortable.

Thoughts. So many thoughts.

On a whole other note three of my male friends have told me today that they hate/never read thought catalog because it’s ‘garbage’ *cries* (I do agree with them partially though, some articles are crap but others are purposely written which I love about thought catalog <all thinking is relevant>) , and that if they did read thought catalog, it’d only be my article. I beamed inside and out because it was extremely sweet of them (male testosterone and pride) to say such a sweet thing like that that I went “Aw!!!” at the table during a birthday dinner.  It was really the little things that mattered to me. Just the little ones.

Updates of the weekend:

Celebrating KL’s belated 20th Birthday 

Met the poly girls for Kuan Lin’s belated birthday dinner (after almost 2 months of not meeting up) and we had sushi for dinner! Munched away on chawan mushi and Unagi sushi (cut into three pieces) and Udon *yum* it was probably the nicest and most filling food I’ve eaten in two days but hilariously enough by 9pm I was begging them to end the day early because I was so exhausted. Or maybe it was just the carbohydrates monster tempting me to head to bed early. We bidded our goodbyes at 10 and by the time I reached home it was close to 11. Dragged myself to the showers after that…..

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 presetI was all showered and just about to head to bed when Sarah gave me a call. Apparently they wanted to chill at their new place (Which is just across the road from mine) and asked to bring over all the leftover alcohol that we had in the cupboards. 10 minutes later, I was down with a bag of 4 bottles in my pajaymas. The night was a really chill night though, Charles, Sarah, Raphael and me just sat down and drank to some tunes and played some games before we called it a night at around three in the morning. And at seven in the morning when my alarm rang i dragged myself off the sofa to leave and walked in my semi-i-just-woke face to my place across the road to shower and prepare for

Declan’s first year party!

We had a lovely spread of desserts by @thepixiecups #thepixiecups to follow the theme of transportation! Was totally intrigued by the owner of #thepixiecups and her tattoo on the back of her neck in typewriter font “breathe.” which was extremely beautiful in my opinion.  The cake was done by my second sister, who probably swam in the artistic gene pool before she was born and sucked any chance for us to gain some genetic art talent because she took all of it. I thought her cake was a really good attempt considering it was only the second time she tried making a fondant cake! The trains were all made from marshmallows!Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset    Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with c1 presetThe first thing I did when I got home in the late afternoon was to sleep……. I slept for three hours and woke up to 4 missed calls from Jared (which trust me….isn’t ever good because Jared NEVER calls more than once unless… it’s urgent or he needs an answer right away), including messages like ‘Jesus. Answer your phone pls’. I jumped out of bed because I realized I was late…… it was already 6 and the party was supposedly starting at 5.

But anyway I rushed there in a cab and made it just on time while the BBQ was still going on! Sadly, no photos for our BBQ because everyone was mingling and chilling and I left before cutting the cake to catch a bus (sorry Ben)!

Happy 24th Birthday Ben!

(Inserting an old picture of us from your 23rd birthday!) sending all our well wishes and including our dear Lenny who couldn’t make it because he was stuck in camp.

<1.39am> I should probably get some sleep now because my stomach’s growling and quite frankly, so I can get up early tomorrow to get some of my house cleaning jam on. So much to do, so little time!



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