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Hi everyone! It’s been awhile since I actually wrote something purely related to experience so here goes my very own encounter of putting on….. braces! (For the readers who are seriously considering braces, I hope you stick around!)output_BzP030

Why braces?

Personally, I don’t have perfect teeth. I ate a lot of candy (guilty) when I was a kid and I hated brushing my teeth because it took too much work. Hence, I do have some cavities and decay, and I hate dentists because I had a bad experience in primary school when the dentist promised to only pluck one front tooth out but plucked both out in a flash. I was in pain and taunted at as ‘bogei’ (no teeth) for months. It was the most miserable event of my primary three years, I wasn’t even 9 yet. But anyway, I hate dentists. I get scared easily and I hate anything done to my teeth.

my teeth are generally straight when i smile, but they are all tilted to one side, and I have 2 to 3 teeth hiding behind one another. I basically wasn’t happy with my teeth, and I realized I needed a good smile when I met people in the working world, interviews, etc etc.

Research shows your smile determines your credibility to potential clients 🙂

How did you choose your dentist?

I got a few quotations from dentists with good reviews online and of all, this dentist stood out the most with two bloggers who actually recommended him on the web. I was hesitant at first but during my first impression there for my normal dentist routine, he was kind and nice. I liked him then and I decided I would stick around.

Not only that, I think my dentist is pretty trustworthy. Besides quoting me a whole lot cheaper than the others, he was very ethical in his recommendations and never once pushed me to get something more expensive or a service I didn’t need. That’s what made me feel comfortable I guess.

My dentist’s name is Dr Chen, and his clinic is known as Emmaunel Dental surgery. He’s located at Singapore Shopping Centre (Dhoby Ghaut).

How much did it cost?

Dr Chen quoted me 3.2k, but they don’t go by the method of paying the whole sum at one shot. They do it in installments. This is by far the cheapest considering the other 3 clinics I went to quoted me 4-4.5k.

What is the process like?

Well, believe it or not. Even though Dr Chen has not gotten a lot of reviews or has a Facebook or any social media site, he is actually very busy. I called in for a appointment to clean my teeth in June and was put on a waiting list. There was no available appointment and I was only given a appointment after someone backed out of theirs. (This  took almost two weeks). After the cleaning, I talked about my options with him and asked the quotation etc and was given time to think about it.

After I chose his clinic to get my braces done, the first appointment consists of an Xray and molding of your teeth, followed by a second appointment where he shows you your mold, drawings, Xray and so on and explains to you what are you options (whether you need to pluck out your teeth, wisdom tooth extractions etc). After which, he explains how much the costs are for different types of braces (invisalign , ceramics and metal and so on) and he leaves you to decide on the next visit. On the next visit you either pluck out your teeth where necessary.

I was lucky because I didn’t need to pluck out any teeth! So he put rubber bands in between my teeth for a week which was ……. extremely irritating. And after a week, he put on my braces. Tadah!


What is the breakdown of the cost? 

Cleaning & polishing: $100/-

Xray & moldings: $120/-

Putting on braces, dental kit : $1200/-

Other than that, there’s monthly tightening that range from $80-$120 that has yet to be done. It could cost cheaper depending on how fast your teeth move!

How did they put on the braces?

Basically, he cleans your teeth for you and then drys your teeth and puts the metal brace at your molars. Then, he puts this liquid glue on your teeth to stick the brackets on. The glue is extremely sour (I kid you not) but thankfully you’re not needed to swallow it. After which, he inserts some mental wire, clips it off and then lets you choose a rubber color. He gave me a whole range of colors and I took at least 2 minutes to think before he joked and said, “it’s not like choosing a boyfriend. Colors for rubbers are only a commitment period of one month!

To make it clearer, here’s a youtube video of a somewhat similar process.

I Chose turquoise because it seemed safe and I like my room walls (which are bluish turquoise). After which he does the unthinkable, he bends the rubbers according to the needs of the teeth to make them tighter at some areas….. and oh my…..god. When you leave the chair…. I honestly wondered how in the world I was going to eat dinner that night. I mean, I even made plans for sushi!

 How did you eat? 

I won’t lie…. the first night was terrible. I had painkillers and It hurt…… like mad. Specifically the bottom part for me because my bottom is more crooked than my top set. I cooked a bowl of udon noodles and cut my noodles into ‘swallow size’ and it was so tight talking hurt. But after a night it just got irritating, which is way better than painful. It’s so irritating that it gives you the feeling of wanting to take something and throw it at someone else so that the person can feel the pain too hahaha. Okay I kid. But it is pretty frustrating.

But I guess I’m more adventurous and I still went to eat Ding Tai Fung because I really had a craving for it. Every bite was torture so the kitchen at DTF Tampines 1 did this for me so i could eat my favorite pork chop…..


it hurt too much eventually so my sister helped me eat the rest. But rice is not a problem so yay!

Are you paid to promote them?

No, not at all. But I really like Dr Chen’s professionalism and I believe he’s pretty ethical so I feel he deserved a shout out!

How do I get an appointment?

Call them to be on the waiting list (it will take some time, a week or two to a month). They’re open from generally 9.30am-6pm on tuesday to friday.

Emmanuel Dental Surgery: +65 6339 6832


I visited my grandma today for dinner and she asked me what was that blue sweet I was chewing on hahaha. I almost died laughing because she was so shocked that I finally had the guts to do braces considering I am terrified of dentists on a general basis and have been playing with the idea of braces since I was 18? Now that i’m working it’s more affordable to me, I didn’t have the luxury of braces in my secondary school years so.. financial independence can be so fulfilling in so many ways. Tadah!

Also, my grandma let me drink a can of coke even though the dentist told me to stop drinking sugar drinks for the next year. This is because she understands stubborn genes run in the family and when we want to eat something, we will find every goddamn way to eat it!

Love you mama  ❤ Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

that sums up all I need to say about my brace face journey! If you have any more questions, please feel free to hit me up on ask.fm or WA if you know personally. I’ll try to reply when I’m free. But for now, it’s time to sleep early because…… I have work tomorrow.

To all those considering to do braces, it’s a tough journey (I wanted to rip it out on the first day haha lol) but I think it’d be worth it because I’ve come to realize how your smile looks when you’re working is extremely important *first impressions* nudge.

All the best in your brace face journey guys! 🙂

xx Cal


15 thoughts on “Emmanuel Dental Surgery Singapore

  1. Hi cally! I’m about to have my braces on too, and just like you, I don’t have to extract any teeth (hurray!) but I would need to put on 8 separators…….. may I know if it hurts a lot? Most of my friends who had braces on said that these separators hurts a lot…

    1. Hi Tricia! For me the separators weren’t as pain, just uncomfortable! It’d take a few days to get used to it for sure, but after awhile eating becomes rather normal 🙂

      1. Only in the beginning! After your braces are put on there’d be a dental kit with 2 mini boxes of wax (lifesavers!) and a special toothbrush for brushing. I didn’t really get ulcers to be honest, as long as you brush your teeth often (I try to brush 3x a day) and drink lots of water! 🙂

    1. Hi Jamie!

      From my experience, it was $1200. But I think Dr Chen is quite flexible in this aspect, just that a “deposit” has to be made. But you can always check it out with him! He’s really experienced, which is what i like so much about him!

    1. Hi! Yes its inclusive:) the xray was less than $200 if im not wrong! There are 2 posts on emmanuel dental, you can check it out!

  2. Hi! I would like to do braces too (afraid but feel the need to) but I’m not sure if parents are needed to sign anything.. Did you go through the braces procedure from start to end by yourself?(:

    1. Hi Cheryl! First up, how old are you? I think if you’re below 18 then some consent is needed, after all braces are something you need to follow through and with the amount of $$, it can be quite a big sum to invest. But to answer your question, yup i went on my own from start to finish!:)

  3. Hi! May I ask if yours in conventional or self ligating braces? I went Emmanuel too and he suggested me to get self ligating if I don’t want to have my teeth extracted. If I take conventional, I have to have it extracted…

    1. Hey there! Mine was the conventional braces! Yeah it depends on the teeth’s current outlook etc etc. I didn’t get mine extracted. Heng ah!

    1. Hey Amanda! He only reshape 2 or 3 of my tooths and he did it after the whole braceface journey was over (removal of braces). Hope this helps!

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