But I’ve got a blank space baby, and I’d write your name

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Exams are over!!!!!!!!!!!!

I should frame up my question papers because they seem to show my battle scars of last-minute spotting and getting slapped in the face…..

But yes, exams are finally over!!!!!!!!!!!!

The last two weeks have been extremely tough but it was very well treasured because… Caroline happened to be taking the same exam papers as me. Because of this arrangement, we actually studied and revised together for three out of the four papers. Familiarity definitely feels like home and it felt like we were living in our old days in polytechnic, camping outside our lecture theaters hours before our papers and revising verbally and testing theories and using anything and everything to remember them. Acronyms, examples, you name it- we tried it.

After her final paper and my third paper (I had another one the next morning) last night, we headed to udders to grab some ice cream. To note, since the last time I visited udders, they have quite a few new flavors. Because Caroline was so adventurous, I decided to be adventurous and try…..

Soursop Vodka & Butterscotch whiskey!

The soursop wasn’t so bad but the vodka was still quite strong. The butterscotch whiskey had a strong beer taste (and I’m not exactly a fan of beer)  and since it was pretty late (we only ended our paper at 9pm) I settled for orange choc bitters. And man, was it as awesome as ever. I regret nothing!

I’ve been away from the office and the hustle and bustle of working full time for 12 days. In Singapore’s context, that’s a really long time to be away from full time work. But yes, I’ll be back in the office tomorrow at full force! I miss my seniors, my work and my colleagues that I’m actually looking forward to being back. And maybe, just maybe I might be able to gain some sort of normalcy (normality) in my life again.

Always a great time with you although you’re always grossing me out by sticking out your tongue and threatening me with your saliva. Someone’s turning 21 soon, better be less disgusting and more demure ok? haha ❤


Taylor swift also recently did a new song called blank space, and I really liked the dramatics of her acting in her video (She stands on a horse and in another shot she attempts to smash a car with a golf club omg). Not to mention it’s extremely catchy even though it isn’t exactly fast paced. Check it out!

Time to reset my biological alarm to my usual early bedtime. Wish me luck!



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