Pride kills everything

That’s the problem with us. We always think we’d have more time. More time to sleep in, more time to make mistakes and more time to have on our own. But this assumption of time….. this expectation to have that time. That’s what will eventually kill you.

It’s been a tough few days and I just got back from Bangkok, Thailand. “Wow that’s great! Hope you had a great holiday.” The neighbors laugh as we struggle with our luggage outside the door. We have yet to come to terms with it yet, so how can we so confidently release such news with knowing those same pair of eyes would turn to one of pity when they found out?

I still believe in God’s timing. His timing is one of an infinite good and all knowing. So go and take rest and comfort that I will grow up just the way you had envisioned, wished and wanted me to. And when the time comes, I will see you again and we can pick up where we left off.

This one’s for you dad.


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