You make me feel good

Can I just lay here? Snapshot_20141022_1I am a walking disorganized outfit of day to day shambles. There is simply no time, my clothes are flying from east to north and to be honest, I’m so tired half the time especially after work and eventually I don’t feel like doing anything. I pout for a day or two and procrastinate until It’s too late but to just suck it up and do it. By it, I mean the upcoming four papers I have which I haven’t got down to really revising my bum off for.

Sure Cally, just keep blogging your life away. I’m sure it’s gotten you somewhere. ha-ha-ha.’

On a whole other note, I’ve come to realize the only thing I really want from life right now is to be happy. Insanely happy. And I think in order to do that, I really need to slow down and smell the roses (metaphorically).

I went for brunch at the Providore at Mandarin Gallery with my sister and 11 month old nephew. Being a Aunt was never on my to-do-list but Declan’s finally turning 1 this December and I’m psyched (more psyched for him to start walking and talking, actually.)His adorable fish ball cheeks strike me as his saving grace in my eyes, especially since he can never sit still in my lap for even a minute and has got hold of my phone twice and dropped it to the ground from a bed’s height *cries*. My 11 month old baby nephew, everyone.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

I spent a good hour or so on the phone with Kim yesterday night as we talked about our lives, our choices,our fears, mistakes,goals,plans and dreams for the next few years.

Once upon a time I thought a friend worth keeping was one that could pick up wherever you left off. There’s no blame of where the other has been for the past few months or years. Life happens and no one denies or gets angry at the other.I think it’s great that after all these years of not exactly what you call a smooth sailing friendship, we managed well and looked past our mistakes and bad feelings. It’s a nice feeling to not be pressured to impress or be someone completely new. I mean,that’s because they already know you through and through. IMG_20141023_103816

After work today, I fell into such a deep sleep that I fell ONTO a MAN that was on my right. Yes my whole left bum lifted from the seat as I FELL on him and I woke up with a shock and so did he. It was needless to say i was never so embarrassed in my life. Also my heart was beating very fast from the sudden shock. Gosh. Cardiac arrest much. Also, #socialanxietyissues.

I went to the library to borrow books for the first time in 6 years with Jasper. I’ve always either bought books or e-booked them since I got my Kindle for my 21st birthday. Strangely the trip to the library felt extremely exhilarating. Especially since I had no idea what kind of book I was intending to get and ended up leaving the library with 2 books and a magazine.Processed with VSCOcam with g3 presetI‘ve just downloaded the new episode of the Originals That means……..




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