You are responsible for your own happiness

It was one of our little moments where we quietly let ourselves seep into the subject of talking about what what went wrong in our lives. “We’re running to pursue other things now.” He said in a tinge of blue. A part of me couldn’t let him continue but instead, I laughed it off. “We grow apart, but together. Isn’t that why we’re here for dinner instead of letting our work, education and interests get in the way?” I retorted.

He grinned as we both sipped on our beverages on a random stairway on a random street while watching people walk by. “But all we ever talk will be what is in the past.”He muttered. “It won’t be the same“.

It was then, through the eyes of the friend I had through and through the years, i noticed the apparent fear about the future that he had for all of us. He continued on.

We’re all stubborn. We make the mistake over and over again until we reach a breaking point to fix it or run.If we never reach the breaking point, we’d do it over and over again. Even if it kills us time and time again.

There’s only one logical reason why we act the way that we do, and that’s because we think we’re always right until proven otherwise.

Before you start a war,You got to know what you’re fighting for.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

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