When I’m around you I’m predictable

Still one of my favorite songs of all time.

My brother-in-law-to-be shared to me today that he hardly dreamed of people, but he did of me last night. His dreams somehow weirdly (according to him) often came true. I started adding on by asking him to dream of me as a scholar or being a millionaire to tease him, and as he continued-In his dream, he dreamed of of me sitting down at a food court having dinner with a boy with spectacles (and I looked happy), and it seemed as though he knew the boy.

I tried to control my laughter at first but ended up in fits of laughter soon after, although I have to say I’m not exactly superstitious but I found it extremely hilarious. I then proceeded to name down all my friends that were boys that had spectacles.I had 7 of them who were actually close enough to warrant a platonic dinner date with me.

So guys, If you happen to see me in a food court with a boy with spectacles anytime soon. You’d believe in the power of dreams!

This long weekend was great. With the public holiday, I stayed in bed at least 70% of the time recuperating, waking up with a book in my hand and falling back asleep again. The past weeks have been exhausting with school and work and it’s terrible considering it’s submissions week all the way till mid October, so the stress is indefinite.

But as always, I’ll survive.

Hope everyone’s weekend has been superb! Cause you know I’m all about that bass bout that bass no troubl’.


Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


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