To my oldest sister

If you knew me well, you’d know that me and my oldest sister do not get along well-not at all. We fight, we scream. We bitch about each other, we do terrible things to one another to get back at another. This list is by no far exhaustive. It is a battle that hasn’t been won in the last few years. Some people attribute it to the 13 year age gap between us, others have no clue why we can’t just get along. The road hasn’t been easy and we’ve learnt to be amicable and generally ignorant of each other’s flaws and feign ignorance when things get nasty. We adopt a ‘you do your own thing, I’ll do mine’ approach.

During family dinner today, she came to the table with her boyfriend of two years with an announcement. “We’re getting married!” she smiled while showing us the ring. I smiled and asked questions. Despite the many (countless) arguments we’ve had over the past few years (and even more over the recent months), I genuinely felt happy for her. And I’d hate to say this but admittedly, I know things are going to change and I know I’ll hate the change because it is after all, change. But ultimately, she is my sister and I’ll love her no matter what happens.Even when I don’t show it, and even through the times when I feel like flushing her head down the toilet bowl.

You don’t choose your family. They are god’s gift to you.


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