F1 2014 #teamredbull


Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset   Processed with VSCOcam with g3 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with f2 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with b5 presetSome pictures to sum up Formula 1 Grand Prix 2014 in Singapore (and my 3rd year running of being in #teamredbull / #redbullgirl)!

I won’t lie to say that standing up and battling against the blistering heat for 10 to 11 hours a day was easy, because it was terribly tough and I’d go back home with aching feet and feel like I stink of carpets and the stickiness from the day’s activities was unbearable. I actually came prepared with tissue packets, wet tissues, a huge bottle of water and so on so it wasn’t that bad per say but I just personally hate getting sticky and sweaty unless my intention was to work out in the first place (then that’s okay). But weirdly enough, this year felt different. There was a certain feeling to this year’s experience that was different and I actually had a little bit of a post F1 fever..

just a quick update because…….

  1. I am lazy
  2. I have work tomorrow
  3. I have class after work tomorrow
  4. I have had barely 4 hours of sleep in the last 48 hours

and the list of laziness and procrastination goes on and on…….Disclaimer: I do not claim to know the racial statistics of each individual but this stems from the experiences I’ve had in the last three days with people at the booth. The F1 experience/being in #teamredbull #redbullgirl #merchandise went something like this:

  1. The customers that I served were mostly Caucasians, and if I had to rate it, only 1 to 2 who bought merchandise among 10 were Singaporeans.
  2. Most Caucasians were extremely nice, and decisive. They’d start the conversation with “Hi, how are you girls doing today?” and immediately point at what they want. Asians however seemed indecisive and rather disconnected most of the time.
  3. Some are flirtatious or cheeky but not overly overboard (and Caucasians, no Asians).  I had a “You look lonely over here” and “If I said you looked beautiful would I get a discount?” haha! even when I said no they’d laugh and say ” aw you look pretty anyway.” *grin*
  4. Caucasians are extremely lighthearted, and I have to say I watched them with envy because they were so full of spirit, vivacious and most importantly, they were all very, very happy. picture this: beers in the hand singing, dancing on the streets and even making jokes (a man was trying on his shirt and took off his shirt and did a pose while asking, ‘do i look hot in that?’ while his friends jeered him and told me to tell him the truth)
  5. The food in the circuit is mad expensive…… I spent $21 bucks on a cheeseburger with fries and a canned spite *Cries
  6. A woman gave me $20 in tips to charge her phone
  7. She ended up sitting down and crying while holding her phone (still charging) for the next 20 minutes after
  8. My tent supervisors were Australian (man) and Taiwanese (woman)
  9. The Australian supervisor was the same supervisor I worked for last year, and he is generally a very strict person and can be quite blunt at times. But when he saw the crying woman on the floor, he didn’t chase her out but instead asked her if she was okay, and that was pretty sweet and unexpected in my opinion
  10. My Taiwanese tent supervisor and I didn’t get off to a good start, but we ended up being very good friends at the end of the day
  11. All the girls wear make up in the booth…………. and I didn’t bother (duh) with all the perspiration hahaha no thanks
  12. Met quite a few familiar friends at the race! Was disappointed that redbull ended up 2nd and 3rd but still a great race! Good job Vettel & Riccardo!
  13. I wasn’t a fan of mayday, but i got to see Robbie Williams and JLO live!!!!!!!!!!
  14. JLO has a nice bum. Even though she’s like 40 (?)
  15. Robbie williams started with let me entertain you but he didn’t sing better man (I WAS SO DISAPPOINTED)
  16. There are no discounts after the race has ended…… there are no discounts ever….. Offical merchandise prices are heavily controlled so please stop asking
  17. if you ask me to open more than 10 different types of shirts and sizing and then tell me you’d think about it, I will slap you repeatedly in my head
  18. My record this year was a lady who made me open 7 different new shirts (nicely packaged shirts) so she could pick the ‘newest one’. You should have heard what was going on in my head
  19. 2 men from china (sad to say this fulfilled stereotypes) threw money on the table for me to pick up when they were buying their merchandise, this is comparatively different from the Caucasians who actually bother (some do!) to give me their cash hand to hand and some with two hands even!
  20. My  Taiwanese tent supervisor is a woman who has traveled to many places (*envious*) and still keeps some traditional Chinese values which left me in awe. and well, my Australian tent supervisor loves to sing to JLO songs and he breaks out in dances at times, it’s hilarious

Sums up my F1 experience though it’s a bit jumbled here and there. I would update a little more but bed calls so I’ll catch you guys on the flip side!



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