We’ve got the keys to open paradise

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Some pictures to sum up my adventures of the past week! This included me meeting the boys after work for our favorite western chicken chop stall in the Seletar estate only to realize the stall was closed (I came all the way down by public transport during after work peak hours……). Me and Jared were so angry that Ben took pity on us and drove us to Buangkok to get some other western food, and me meeting twin after what felt like ages for our usual favorite ban mian noodle soup.

I *shamelessly* admittedly skipped class the whole of this week, with good reason of course. It’s been a real brain drain with submissions this week, and my workload has become slightly heavier now with the sudden influx of new recruitment of seniors in our programs as well as starting a new exercise program with a local hospital here. Tweaking, meetings and preparation for the transition has been more hectic than expected, and as a result I’m learning multitudes, helping wherever I can and keeping my ears open to the never ending words of wisdom from the people and seniors who cross paths with me on a daily basis.

I made the effort this Wednesday to keep my promise to visit my grandmother, and she cooked for me my favorite fish ball soup. I never realized it but I think it’s safe to admit now that I am SUCH an Asian. I doubt I can leave Asian territories for longer than half a year because all I’d like to eat is my favorite noodle soup, winter-melon soup, pumpkin soup (this list becomes exhaustive). Although sometimes I do feel a “steak-y” mood coming along. Although, I suffered in Vietnam because everything there was always paired vegetable wraps, yucks!

I’ll take a good ol’ bowl of my grandmother’s fish ball soup anytime, anyway.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Also managed to bake a apple cake during lunch hour at work! It was pretty funny because I actually mentioned to my colleague weeks back that I was a little flustered because I don’t think I have the time to pursue things I used to enjoy, such as baking. Before I knew it one day she brought to work a pot ware, and I didn’t think too much into it until one day, she said, ” I’m still waiting for us to bake!” The apple cake turned out pretty delicious! I’m not saying that because I made it, but it was really surprising! My colleagues at work ate it and I received some good feedback, although some wished for the cake to be sweeter (because I added very little granulated sugar to make it healthier), the recipe had less butter and wholemeal raising flour too, the healthier option!

Although I have to say buying the ingredients weren’t very worth it. I paid about Sgd $15 for all the ingredients at the local supermarket and I was thinking that buying a cake outside was definitely cheaper. But one can’t put a price on the satisfaction of baking, can we?

A quick picture of my first ever baked Bramley apple sponge cake!Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

While everyone goes out because it’s an amazing Friday night, I decided to stay in and hone my rusty cooking skills (also because I’m working tomorrow morning and I need all the sleep I can get).

It’s been awhile but I managed to churn out some brown rice with black pepper and fish fillets and egg! Had to use some oil but at least it’s olive oil so it’s a healthier (?) option. But nothing beat ending Friday in my comfortable pajamas watching the newest episode of pretty little liars (mona dies, no!)  and eating good food with the air conditioner blasting at full speed.

This has gotta be the good life. Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

One of my colleagues is proposing to his girlfriend tonight in a room filled with *gasp! A girl’s favorite* -fairy lights. Or to be more exact,if I heard correctly, 500 little bulbs of fairy lights. I’ve never been one to fantasize about a proposal let alone a public one in front of friends and family, but I was extremely excited for him as he showed us the ring today, grinning. “are you going down on one knee?” I ask curiously. “Yes of course! How else do you expect to propose?”

It’s heartening to know that there are still men out there who think that way. Although I don’t think marriage is something I want on my plate or to think about now, or at least for quite some time, I think it’s important how you make certain and significant memories in life.

Now, here’s a song completely unrelated to the topic of interest but one I’ve been hooked onto for the last week on spotify.


The dishes in the sink call, gotta bounce!



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