“If you had to convince someone to stay, it just means you never had them from the beginning at all”

We are constantly making judgments at other people’s choices,be it a lifestyle , life plans or goals. Someone said to me the other day that we were all human, and thus, we shouldn’t judge because we have the same impulses being biologically similar, DNA and all. I couldn’t help but beg to differ. Like I said before, though we might be of similar biological mix, we definitely do not have the same challenges and the same circumstances as others. If it’s anything fair, some people feel more than others, some people feel less, and some people don’t at all.You telling me not to judge another will make me lack my own self opinion and my own gauge of the people that I am trying to figure out, and whether they are suitable in my life or not. 

No one wants to admit it but we’d like to be judged less harshly than the way a passerby snuffs you on the train or acquaintance knows our name, but when it comes to us we wouldn’t think twice to crucify the person who wore new balance sneakers with that floral dress. We’re selfish and entitled half the time, that’s just the way it is.

The rain this morning was brutal. I settled with a bowl of hot fish soup to warm my belly while drying off my wet pants. Eventually towards the end of the day, my pretty sandals gave way. Glue and water are sworn enemies. I came back later to find my favorite Audrey Hepburn cup in the pantry- handle broken and coffee stains unwashed. I was absolutely heartbroken because the cup held such high sentimental value, my sister bought it from new zealand for me and I doubt I can find such a similar print again. I’m sure it was an accident, but I can’t help but feel so terribly sad over a inanimate object, which by the way, got me through the toughest day by starting my day right with a cup of hot tea. 

My throat’s getting all scratchy and itchy and I think that’s my self defense mechanism telling me it’s time for some redoxon and bed. 

Night everyone, with love 




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