We fell in love as the leaves turned brown

Been here and there (floating in my head) after a day at work and three hour classes after school for the last three weeks (it is also worth mentioning that it is now submission week, I have an essay due on my 3rd week of school. What?! already?!) but never the less I’m enjoying every single moment of it! Well… it’s because…

1) I love my job!

There! I’ve said it (if you didn’t already know it). I love the organization and what it stands for, I love the benefits that come with this job in terms of personal growth. I love that I can actually do what is expected of my role. So although I dread going to work sometimes, it’s mostly because of the commuting time from the east to the west of Singapore, but once I’m there I relish my time there, be it if I’m talking to seniors, people, my colleagues or sitting in my little corner huddled up in a email or two.

2) I love the people at my workplace!

It’s a safe environment to grow and be myself, and I know it sounds tragically cliche and fake but I’m serious…….. I think this is one factor that I’m really thankful for. I always wondered how the working world would be like as a full time student in secondary school and polytechnic because I knew that one thing I wasn’t good at in the working world was playing the face of politics and backstabbing, which happens way too often in the corporate world (I suffered doing half a year in Starhub, I got bullied terribly by this girl who threw me all her work to do and cussed at me when I didn’t on online social media-I was 17 and didn’t know much about office politics and the situation had to resort to my boss and other colleagues who stood up for me)

But yes, the nature of the field of my organization somewhat makes the people at my office an amazing bunch of people to work with. There are times when I can appear at my desk with breakfast at my table and when I offer to pay back a colleague will go, “no need….. ” It’s very difficult to explain the relationship at work with my colleagues because the friendship element sticks in well with the colleague title so basically, they’re amazing.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

3)The whole idea of school after work is just exhausting, although lessons after work are..

extremely interesting. I’m serious. I actually enjoy the modules that I’m taking this semester. One thing I have to say is that I enjoy my psychology lecturer tremendously, because he knows how to make jokes about the topics we learn, interact with the class and also relate them to real life experiences to make us remember the theories much better. Although, I think I made a mistake, I took the full load of 20 credit units this semester so I have to admit I’m struggling with many deadlines, and I’m usually half dead by the time I end work (so tired, all the time!) but so far, I’ve not regretted going for any lessons, they’re extremely relevant and worth my time and effort to go down for.

4) the friend’s I’ve made in university are…

an amazing bunch! First impressions aside (I didn’t really want to socialize much because I had a lot on my mind at orientation), I assumed I’ll be the only one around my early 20’s in university. Guessed wrong! The friends I’ve made are extremely nice and warm, and we really look out for each other. I think what we needed was just some time to warm up to one another. I honestly think that without them, university life would seem very bleak, and it helps that we’re all working adults and we try very hard to support one another (and give encouragement) to one another in terms of our workload, school load and time management skills. Here’s a picture of us on our very first supper after our class!


So dear readers, please bear with me when I don’t update this space for lengths of time. It’s been difficult and my weeks have been long with little sleep, so do pity me. But I promise I’ll update from time to time on what’s been going on with my life because I can’t bear to let this space die out, so here’s something that made my week……

I thought i knew what love meant. I never wanted to pursue new relationships, but… I made the choice and….I have a new boyfriend now, who I watched fall asleep beside me last night. It took me awhile to trust him wholeheartedly with all my important secrets, life goals and dreams but he has promised not to fail me and encourage me and support me when i need help to accomplish them. Meet my dear……

xiaomi mipad! *wink*

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Some of you have been asking me questions, mainly how much did it cost, where did I buy it and why did I choose a xiaomi mipad over an Ipad? I’ll try to answer all your questions… but as you know, I am not a technology crazed girl. In fact, I struggle sometimes with technology. So that is why I nicely invited my extremely technology genius friend, Jasper to give me his advice!

In layman terms, the xiaomi mipad is cheaper than an ipad, but because of the much newer technology, runs extremely fast and has a great display, and can comparably beat Ipad in terms of functions and speed. I got the xiaomi mipad on a online deal and I paid $379 for it, with self collection at the shop itself (located at Sim Lim Sqaure, who I also asked Jasper for help because I had no idea how to get there). If you buy it directly from china, it’s at retail cost at about SGD $320, but there possibly could be problems with the application and the language system since It’s from china, hence Chinese. The mi pad is still launching/in the process of releasing batches in Singapore, but the response for xiaomi products have been crazy skyrocket high. So look out for deals on groupon or sgdeals, and even gmarket (Q10!).

I have been travelling quite a fair bit lately from one end of Singapore to the other, and it’s difficult to print lecture notes and guide books from the university website and it’s crazy to lug around my laptop so often so I decided to invest in a pad, hence the xiaomi mipad! It’s a pretty good deal in my opinion, and definitely makes my life more convenient. I can now watch E lectures on the train rides back home! Yay!

And of course, not to mention downloading my seasons of sex and the city, the vampire diaries, the originals, pretty little liars, big bang theory and um…..my classics of FRIENDS of course! (Double yay!)



I never thought i could be this happy with the way things are unraveling in my life,because this is not where I expected myself to be a year ago because I was too afraid to pursue the things I wanted from the expectations of others around me, loved ones included. But needless to say, the opportunities, the people I’ve met along the way and the lessons I’ve learnt-harsh or mild have molded me otherwise to notice that this was the perfect plan for me to grow. I guess I know now that this is where I was meant to be all along.

Alright, it’s timet to head off to bed! Hope you guys had a great week, and to the long national day weekend ahead (for those in Singapore!)




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