Hi from home

#hi #its-been-awhile.

I’ve actually been typing this post from a half-slouch-in-pain position. After battling with three days of fever, cough and flu (and recovering), I was wearing my shorts halfway after coming out from the shower only to hear a loud internal(?) pull on my lower back. The next thing I knew I couldn’t walk a single step without wincing in pain until I teared, so if you asked me what I did all Sunday…. I simply laid in bed watching movies, semi-bedridden.  My mother was really worried and has since banned me from running (since it’s the crux of all evil apparently, cardio can kill my back), but I have no idea how it happened. It could have been an old injury from my primary school days of falling back first on the beam during gymnastics, it could have been otherwise. But for now, I lay in bed with the worst backache of history in my 22 years of life.

It kind of makes me realize how thankful I am on the days that I’m not withering in pain from the sharp yet searing pains through my back to my legs. But for now, muscle relaxers and hopefully paste on medicine would help ease the situation.

other than that, I’ve been extremely stumped with school. It’s really difficult maintaining a social life (not that I had much to begin with) together with family, studies and work. I guess I’m still in transition but I guess we make it as we go along! I’ve made quite a few nice friends from my course and some who are studying other disciplines like business and human resources, it’s quite a nice environment and I’m enjoying my time there.

The other day during my psychology tutorial, my tutor was introducing himself. Halfway though he said, “I state this because this is psychology, but for the next three hours of class, please attempt to put down your religion. God does not exist in the next three hours. You can collect your religion after class. In psychology, we strip the individual off their Morales and values, we look at them and as to why they function biologically the way they do- their primal instincts to their survival. Evolution.

I thought for a minute, half offended by his lack of tact to tell me to put down my god. As a born and bred catholic, I couldn’t just put down god for three hours (subconsciously it felt extremely guilty too). It was weird, and unnatural to me. But then.. I realized that his efforts made some impact, that he risked the chance of getting bad remarks as a teacher from  the class to try and teach us what psychology in itself meant. For that, I think I respected him a little more than usual, and I was impressed by his introduction.

I like it when people spark an inspiration in me, or even still- they give me a reason to write. With these bad days and my bad timing of injuries in the health department recently- the mood is just meh half the time.

Till then,



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