the beauty of facing your demons

The bustle of the crowds, the never failing images of faces you notice in the glance of the morning rush but never explicitly remember. It isn’t long before you feel your consciousness drift off from reality, and then you realize that you’re in a world of your own. You have no answers as to why things happened the way they did, that streaming waterfall of questions won’t ever give you a break-even if it was just a night or a month ago. There’s this never ending feeling of self doubt and shame, it never takes the night off.

‘Face your demons.’ they tell me. You might not like what they might have to say about you, and sometimes it might take awhile before it really sinks in. But when you do, you realize things with a clearer view of what type of person you really are, and change the aspects of what you wish you aren’t. Haven’t you heard to always shame the sin not the sinner? Then again, why does the sinner stain and misjudge his character by the sin he then committed because of a lack of reason or for misjudgment of the situation?


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