Sick (again)

I can’t believe it…. but hey guys, I’m sick. I’ve been lying in bed all day (except going out to the mall to grab some food and collect some online shopping from Jasper in my PJs) but yes, I’ve been sick all day. Drinking water has become the norm and I feel so bloated half the time. To make things worse, I spent my off day recuperating, and I was sick throughout my first tutorial, and trying to stay alive in my second tutorial. I never found it possible to feel your body freezing and your head burning up at the same time- it was really an experience. I might be cursed. How can anyone fall sick within the first week of university? I mean, come on! Not to mention I spent a good thirty bucks cabbing my bum over from the west to east *cries*.

I digress. But while I’m on the topic of school:

University life has been good! I think my expectations have reached a whole new level of myself, including the aspect of time management. It’s really not easy going to attend a three hour long tutorial and lecture after a full day of work- only to drag yourself back into your bed and wake up barely six hours later for work (even if you did live near the school, you’d still take awhile to get back home to unwind). The plus point: the teachers I’ve met so far are people I really look up to, with many years of experience and passion in the field. They are extremely understanding and caring towards us new adult students. I was extremely embarrassed but because of the severity of the fever, I went up to him during break time to asked to be excused because my head was spinning at that point of time. He was extremely kind and let me go home early, and asked me to get well soon.

Back to school feels strangely different, but yet somewhat familiar.


My last week week summed up in a nutshell…..

Carol is back for a short break/ Blood donation with the colleagues during lunch hour/ Community dinner and official opening of our centre/ sending jon off during his 24 hour transit in Singapore/ beer to end off the Sunday night at urban spoon.

20140717_213003[1] 20140718_162457[1]

IMG_20140719_235514[1] IMG_20140721_075920[1]20140720_232623[1]

Hope the midweek has been going great for everyone! xx


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