7 Kinds Of Assholes You Meet On Public Trains

Thought Catalog

bikeriderlondon / (Shutterstock.com) bikeriderlondon / (Shutterstock.com)

1. The seat-rushers.

As soon as the doors open, they rush and scramble for the seats. Train etiquette is as good as a foreign language to them. We live by the rules of first come, first served. You snooze, you lose. They don’t care if you have a longer ride than them, they don’t care if you’re carrying a heavy bag full of items. It’s theirs because they got there first. Too bad, too sad.

2. The ones who test the boundaries of personal space.

These ones take up all the space they can get. Give them an inch, they’d take a yard. Your personal space is always disregarded as they push to get closer and closer to you. Off-peak hours are no exception. They push to get in the packed train, they push to get closer to the seats in the hope of someone…

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