So raise your glass if you are wrong (in all the right ways)

This week has been nothing short of amazing (and eventful)!

Started the week off with my usual Cardio day! I kind of signed up with my friend Whitley to Singapore’s Shape run for women- which gives me barely a month or so to train so I don’t fall flat on my face. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep up with her speed (she’s been training really hard!) or you know, we could leisurely walk away our $45. After a shower, I met Twin and Jon and we had yummy sushi at Ministry of food before heading to the airport to say bye to Shao Liang, who’s leaving SG to pursue a degree in Australia! Though we seemed pretty calm on the outside it did feel a little bit sad to think that our friend was flying miles away. But yes, a fresh new start for him and we’re psyched for him! All the best SL in Australia!


I ended the busy week with my company’s staff appreciation night, which was held at Trader’s hotel somewhere along Orchard road. The theme was to our company’s logo- which was green or orange. I spent the past week struggling to find a top or dress of that color, and only managed to dig up an old top to wear since it was partially orange bottom down. But anyway, I had a great deal of fun with the colleagues, and we won best color coordinated group photo! (Hahahaha I particularly found that cute because we weren’t expecting it at all).

20140711_184440[1] 20140711_205342[1]

After our pretty fancy dinner, we decided to go for some drinks at a thai pub called Icon Club, which is in the city area (bugis)  to celebrate a good TGIF as well as to support one of our collegue’s boyfriend (who plays at this bar). Personally I’ve never exactly liked thai music and I’m still not really into clubs. I enjoy live music with drinks from time to time but this was an exception! Needless to say I had a great time enjoying the thai music, with a little drip of chinese music as well while drinking some beer. Took some photos of that night too:

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset     20140711_230600[1]20140711_230000[1]  

One thing that was interesting about Thai pubs was  their model show. I can’t believe I’m saying this but guys, Icon has (in my opinion) 80% pretty and hot girls at their club as party girls. I’m serious. Dead serious. They have this interception around 10+ to 11+ where the models (about 50 girls at least) come up on stage to model themselves. They dance and shake a little sometimes too, and what happens is there will be this lady going around with sashes with denominations around them ($100/$300 were the ones I saw that night). Men will choose the girl they find attractive and pay for the sashes, and once paid they will put the sash on the girl, and then pop a (extremely loud) popper!

I was extremely intrigued by it because it was the first time I’ve ever seen something like that. Although, I’m not too sure if you get to bring the girl home after (on your own accord), but I think the girl who received the garland has to go and mingle with the man who bought the sash for her after the model show (that’s what I heard, but I’m not too sure about it either). It was a eye opener indeed!

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset20140712_180032[1]

after almost two months of not meeting these two idiots, I finally did yesterday! I never thought I’d be starting work almost immediately after graduating polytechnic but now that I am (and we all are) i still feel the constant challenge is attempting to constantly meet up while juggling work commitments. KL has started on a job that requires shift work too so It’s pretty confusing. We laughed when we realized we used to see each other almost everyday for 3 years in polytechnic (Monday to Friday) and now if we meet monthly, we will only see each other 12 times in a year which is really a pathetic amount but really, WHO HAS THE TIME? (make do… make do)

Dinner was at Supply and Demand, which was rated as one of the better truffle fries on Lady iron Chef. Me and Caroline had a plate of Carbonara and KL had the pizza. Amazingly, their truffle fries were really good. BUT, the pasta was disappointing and me and Caroline agreed that the sauce tasted kind of ‘powder-ish’. KL was very happy with her Pizza though. Drinks after while we watched the fireworks from the national day parade’s rehearsal. I think KL might be turning alcoholic, she had a Jagger bomb and a glass of long Island tea (which they did well too, it was tasty!).

Sat by the river and chatted for a little while before we made a move. I was lugging around my books from orientation and the girls were so sweet to help me carry them (8 books!) in total. In the end, we took turns to carry a handle to lighten the load. Carrying them home by public transport was seriously a bad idea, I ‘auntified’ myself and rushed for a seat when nobody wanted one because the books were so heavy and I was so tired!

I’ll try to post more often, but really- time is catching up and I need time, some more time. Please?



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