Amazing grace

Just the other week, I was brought to the Central Business District of Singapore where it  overlooked the city lights and streams of people walked by. In it, I was amused to find metal lounges screwed to the boardwalk, where people lay their worries down to unwind. It was such a beautiful sight to hold, especially with the city night skyline and lights in such a small country like Singapore!

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Some infinities are bigger than other infinities.

It’s been a long week of the usual juggling of work, family and friends.This week has also led me to realize my blogging habits have decreased drastically. Daily updates are out of the question, considering there’s always so much to do on my to do list. In short, I will try to update what has been going on in my life (since the purpose of this blog was made for friends to keep in touch with me and for me to spillover some thoughts and updates) instead of just posting up short quotes and a almost-hipster picture worthy inspired post. I’ve also received some comments about being repetitive about what I’ve been writing about here about my life, and it being too generic and not as in detail as some of you would like it to be, and I’ll be explaining it here, so…. here goes!


For my friends who have been keeping in touch with me, you would know this already. But for those who don’t, I recently graduated and started working full time at a family service center somewhere in the west. It is also the same company where I completed my 3 month internship stint while I was in Temasek Polytechnic- and started work after completing the final interviews about 2 weeks after my final year project presentation. My organization is a charity, that also runs daily programs for the family, a drop in center for youths and seniors. Doing gerontology, I work with the senior’s team. However, I am still learning a lot as I grow in this organization,because every thing is never as it seems. The perks of working here: my chinese (still bad!) isn’t as bad as it was two years ago. I’m still struggling to understand some dialects but hopefully with constant exposure I’ll do fine.

On lazy days, I’m clad in pants and slippers and hide a set of flats under my desk. But on vain/ good mornings & happy days……



Spent this weekend catching up with old friends after work for dinner. Caught up with my old friend Whitley who’s now working in a established hotel in Singapore, as well as had a goodbye lunch with twin for our mutual friend Shao Liang who’s leaving for his undergraduate studies to pursue journalism in Australia. Had really good pasta at Cedele at Wheelock Orchard with Whitley, and Genki Sushi with Twin and Shao Liang at Orchard central (our usual sushi place yums) It’s scary how much we’re growing up so quickly, and we laughed so much over the old days of perpetual jeans and middle partings (which I still have lol) and how we are all going in the areas of work and specializations we never expected each other to go to.

Always growing up too soon..  but i guess it’s better to uproot and uptake responsibilities now than never.

20140703_205023[1]Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Also, got a new pair of wedges the other day while walking around doing some retail therapy for work. Plain and simple design but I absolutely am in love with it! Not too high for potential backaches but good enough to pass off to wear for work!

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Hope everyone had a good weekend!







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