5 Unspoken Codes Women Should Abide By

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I was at lunch one lazy Sunday when my male friend exclaimed: “See! Women are such weird creatures, difficult to understand, hard to please.” I laughed it off and couldn’t help but agree with him — despite me belonging to that criterion of gender. I didn’t bother to justify otherwise.

I spent 11 years in a convent school, suffering under the whims and fancies of the unsaid PMS and girls meaning another and saying another. After some time (and multiple times of getting burned or stabbed in the back), you master the art of deciphering the unsaid but understood rules amongst women to avoid unnecessary conflict and deflect unresolved anger which results in best friends becoming good friends, to distant friends and eventual strangers. With the many years of exposure, here are a few unsaid ethics among good girlfriends to be aware of so as to maintain a good friendship.

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