22nd Birthday Celebration with the Family

Every year, my family makes it a point to celebrate everyone’s birthday with a meal of our choice (Yes I’m aware I sound like I’m on death row) but no, it’s a lot better than that because we get… Cake! I actually chose Jane’s Cake station’s chocolate cake located at Jalan Kayu every year but this year I opted for something different: a rainbow cake! If you’re Asian just like me you’d also have a Asian mother who perpetually nags “but it’s just coloring and it’s so unhealthy….” But i digress.

I gave the choice to my sister to choose the cake and she picked the shop: The Bakery Chef, which was located at Bukit Merah Central, Block 161. My sister specially drove there to collect the cake for me, thanks sis!

The cake was so pretty! But……….. I was pretty disappointed. After so many raves and reviews on hungrygowhere, it wasn’t what I expected. It wasn’t soft and moist like I had imagined sponge rainbow cakes to be. And… My second sister bit into it to find…



So you can imagine my utter disappointment…… But still yay pretty cake I guess!


So for dinner this year, I craved for something meaty. I ate steak with Twin at Barossa the previous day, and was craving more meat than carbs (weirdly). I turned down my sisters ideas of TCC which was famous for their pasta apparently and chose- The King Louis Grill and Bar at Vivo City!

The King Louis Grill & Bar 

Vivo City, #03-07A

You can call to make a reservation at 83635411 or do it online at http://www.thekinglouis.com/

We had reservations at 6.30pm on a Wednesday afternoon (25th June), but when we arrived at the door- they told us that all reservations had been pushed back by 30 minutes because of a technical maintenance. We were pretty disappointed because it was already dinner time and everywhere else would have been full, so we had to walk around Daiso for 30 minutes while waiting for our table to be ready. Not such a good start but at least they offered 10% off the whole bill for the inconvenience caused!

I had their specialty ribs, and a half rib i might add. But when the food arrived I was flabbergasted because. THE PORTIONS WERE HUGE. I barely got to mid of my ribs before I felt extremely full. The ribs were well marinated and beat Cafe Cartel’s ribs any day. I would go back there again but this time not on an empty stomach, but a starved one!

20140625_182543[1] 20140625_193428[1]20140625_185725[1]

The one thing that left me shocked with a long lasting impression of the king Louis was that the staff knew it was my birthday and actually brought out the cake on this silver platter, and the whole crew sang happy birthday to me while everyone looked *gasp*. I’m really embarrassed when people stare and honestly I can’t deal with the extra attention at a dinner and while they were singing happy birthday I hissed to my sister beside me “Did you know they would do this?! Oh my god. Oh my god oh my god!” And my sister went, “I swear I didn’t know” and burst out laughing at my reaction (shocked/stunned).

I would give a thumbs up for their hospitality!

Just some mandatory birthday shots of my cake (stated 21 4ever!). The family and I though not in full number (bummer)- my eldest sister had some last minute work commitments she couldn’t get out of and my brother was asleep heavy on meds because he was sick by the time I left the house.

Thank you to the lovely family that I have for planning this birthday celebration. Much love! xx20140625_205210[1]20140625_205100[1]

And because many of my friends decided to go full taylor swift on me- I present the most overrated song on your 22nd birthday that MUST be played in 2014.

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