The 22 Things I’ve Realized At 22

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Screen shot 2014-06-26 at 11.25.43 AM1. You’re no longer treated like a child; your decisions are respected and accepted by the people around you – but only if you can logically justify them.

2. Sleeping in on a weekday beyond 10am is unacceptable; you have responsibilities and (hopefully) even a job to get to. It is however more acceptable to do so on weekends, but nothing should go beyond 12pm.

3. Hide all your choices of gaming! No one must know. Never! *Hiss* It’s bad enough to be a girl who likes to play Team fortress 2 during your free time. It sounds worse when you’re actually already 22.

4. You’re more or less set about what your opinions are on highly debated personal choices, like abortion or sex.

5. You are aware of your traits and habits, inherited or cultivated. You however are still trying to figure out to what extents do you like or…

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