Call it magic(Don’t want any one else but you)

The weekend came and went in a blink of an eye, and this weekend was packed working on both days (half days though!) for work related events. I’d like to record every single thing about what goes on but it’s difficult discerning what can be acceptable to write here about the people I meet on a day to day basis on the confidentiality of them -so- I’ll say that the seniors I’ve met so far can sometimes be challenging, but most of them make me extremely happy to talk to and interact with.

I’ll have to say that before I started Gerontology, I wasn’t a fan of people in the older years. In fact, I grew up adapting to all the social stereotypes of ageing (knitting, Nagy, slow, boring etc) until I saw a senior in my center above 70 playing…… get this…..pool! You’d be surprised by what you see out there! Most importantly the take away is that growing old is still a human experience, and as much as we’ve been indirectly taught that a generation splits us apart- that might not be necessarily true. I show my seniors what is snap chat (I show them what my friends snap chat me), and they have one thing that lacks much in our generation today: they listen well. They listen with their heart, taking in mind the value of kinship. Everyday at work be it with the seniors or with my colleagues, I constantly am challenged to build rapport and as much as I would like to teach them things, I respect the hierarchy of age very much because there are really some things we have forgotten growing up in such a technology induced world. But I’ll take that topic on another post when there’s more time (I hope).

keeping fit………..

I have gotten into the habit of hitting the gym for classes at least three times a week to keep fit. I’ll admit that since end last year, I spent most of my time binge eating. Exercise was a big no-no for me, and I not only ate three full meals a day, I supplemented it with late night snacks like chips, sweets, beer and even sometimes dessert wine. My sleep was little (less than six hours a day for weeks on end)and bit by bit, not did i only put on weight, but I became tired easily, climbing up the stairs was terrible and I felt sluggish all the time. It took me about six months of this lifestyle to put on a whopping amount that scared the crap out of me.

Sarah & I started a 7 day trial at Amore somewhere in march this year, a women’s gym in Singapore. I have to say that I have never been comfortable with public gyms because of the level of testosterone in the gym. I usually get intimidated and run only on the treadmill for the next half hour before leaving. The smartest layout planner of pasir ris sports complex was smart enough to put a ‘ladies corner’ at the gym for us to do our own sets on mats. However…… this planner failed to realize…… it was right beside a glass- that people walk by to go to the toilet.

For those friends who have been asking me where I’ve been working out through my instagram @Callyooo, here goes:

I don’t know about you but If I’m starting out with all that weight , trying to be proud of the body which can then hold your bowl of noodles as you go couch potato mode at home alone- is impossible. So, I started at Amore Tampines!

It’s been almost two months and I have to say that there has been a massive improvement in the way I feel about myself. Not only do I love going for classes (because the energy is so hyped up), I feel extremely comfortable to wear my workout clothes and work out as hard as I want to because there are no/little men around (call me vain or extremely self conscious, it’s true). The classes are catered specifically for women and they have a really great variety of classes. I attend body pump, Pilates and energy sculpt class. Also….. not only do I feel better about myself, I actually feel better physically!

I am definitely more energetic at work (although sometimes I suffer from muscle aches) and I see a marked improvement in the commitment I’ve made for my fitness. So girls, If you’re interested in Amore, give me a call or message me, I can ask for a 7 day trial pass for a few of my friends! From the 7 day trial, you can consider to start signing up a package with them. I’m currently on a 6 month package but I’m seriously considering staying longer. However, I guess fitness is still a commitment to your body and if you’re looking for fast results for the short term then maybe this is not the place for you! I gain nothing from this ‘advertorial’,  but I do believe that fitness is important and exercise is still the best for your body not just for slimming down but for avoiding all the cardiovascular diseases etc.

Here are the prices from what I’ve found out just for this GSS period (Till end June 2014?):

Student package: Free access to ALL gyms around Singapore Requirements:

$104.86/Per month

  1. Below the age of 21
  2. Student in Singapore
  3. Minimum purchase of 2 months/4 months/6 months

Adult Package: One outlet only (I’m in the Tampines Branch so this price given should be for the Tampines Branch Only)  Cost:

  • 1 year : $113.63 /month
  • 2 years: $107.32/month
  • 3 years:$101/per month

There is also a one time joining fee (be it adult or student) of $128.40.

With that: I wish everyone the best in their fitness journey (no matter where you guys decide to work out!)

Cheers and all the best from my gym buddy @sarahlzy and me! xx 


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