Baby steps

In the hectic life of being a (new) working adult in Singapore, I never expected the schedules of work, the expectations of you for yourself and the responsibilities of family to overtake your life to such an extent that when time goes by, it doesn’t feel like it has gone by or that time has passed reasonably. Rather, it feels like it has fleeted. It fleeted by so quickly, right before my very eyes as it comes in this huge wave of shock to me.  How vastly different my year has been, how it has changed in so many ways,  through so many perceptions, so many lessons without me noticing-just because I didn’t choose to stop. To stop to realize all the mini little bumps I had fought through and the people I fought for along the way.

Today was one of those days, and it hit me, hard.

The concept of time hit me. I counted with my fingers, resonated in my mind. It was basically already mid month of the year and about 10 days to a year since I celebrated my 21st birthday. I smiled to myself as I remembered blowing the cake being surrounded by the people I love the most and making a wish then, half thinking how different my life would be in a year’s time. I never really thought it through about how drastic the change would be, until I realized today how gullible I was, even as a newborn 21 year old, in both good and bad ways.

My first year as a baby-taking baby-steps of adulthood is almost complete! What about yours? 🙂


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