Matters of the heart

Thinking about it, I could say that I am someone with very strong opinions on how I feel about such a behaviour, and one which I can’t stand the most is how people blatantly lie, manipulate the truth and chase the unnecessary positives in short term time while they do all these at the expense of heart, and most importantly to me- they do it at the value of kinship.

I think that’s what really cuts the most. When you give out chance cards that seem to depreciate in value from the receiver with each repeated mistake. I can’t hold out for long, sad to say.  It’s this terrible feeling each time I try to bite my tongue to hide lies. And however hard I try, It feels like betrayal when I say the truth. I didn’t think the truth would feel this terrible, or at least I was taught that the truth would set you free.

Who wouldn’t want the best for the people they love? But who would sacrifice their own self integrity to bleed for another’s lies?

I can’t stand for it. I won’t.


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