That coffee boy

“Coffee?” He asks.

It sounds safe,‘ I think to myself. ‘Coffee isn’t dinner. Dinner sounds like a date. Coffee however, is a friend-date. A friend-date is fine. I can deal with a friend date now.

“Sure.” I smile politely. ‘Don’t over think it’.

He laughs.

We choose a coffee joint somewhere in the middle of the bustling streets of what I call home. I arrived in a fluster after work,and noticed that  he picked a corner window seat. Clad in a plaid collared top, he stood up to pull my chair for me-as how any gentleman would have. Before I could get up to order my drink at the counter, his sheer initiative took me by surprise as he spoke , “no coffee for you, right? I remember you can’t sleep when you drink coffee, and you have work tomorrow.” I smile and he orders a lemonade for me, my second favorite beverage on the menu.

I wait for him to come back to the table as I watch the people walk by. It was after work hours but I enjoyed every moment of people watching.  I never understood why I could not put to words as to why I liked what I saw. I enjoyed watching them so much as I drifted off into another world, so absent of mind that when he came back to the table it felt as if I was jolted out of a daydream.

He talks and all I can do is hear. I do not listen. This is because all I’m thinking about how mystified I am by such a person that I seem to know him less and less the more I look at him, despite knowing him for quite some time. I am confused by such an amazing person that I can only look at as stone but not diamonds, even though I know he could be as good as emeralds.

I  then asked why he chose a corner window seat, half expecting a answer as if it was the last seat available during the peak hours. Instead,he managed to put the words I never could frame up into perspective. He answered.

Sometimes, I just like to watch the world go by. Even when I don’t go along with it. Because then It feels like I have a choice not to change when the whole world does, with or without me.


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