6 Attitudes I Will Never Instill In My Children

Thought Catalog


1. Crying will always get you a way out

I’ve seen so many children screaming their lungs out in public places as their parents try to console them with their wants. “But mommy I want this!” “I don’t care!” The child stomps his or her feet towards the ground and sometimes they resort to going on strike, lying down on the floor and fisting the ground. Some are as old as seven or eight. Jesus, if I ever attempted that during my time, my mother would have just walked out on me and would probably leave me bawling on the floor. Feeling embarrassed, I’d get up and run towards her instead.

When you pacify your children’s wants out of logic over spur of the moment emotion — be it embarrassment in public because of your child, or because you want them to have what they want because you never…

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