Wherever you go, go with your heart

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Had one of the most amazing feelings in the world this weekend: leaving behind a great piece of my education filled with memories, hard work and a place I called my second home for three years- my graduation.

It’s quite interesting to think that through every tough day and blank document with a severe writer’s block that I used to tell myself to persevere until graduation. And when graduation came,as I stood with arms akimbo on stage awaiting my name to be called (with my cold and clammy palms together with my knee length silk robe and the inherent fear of tripping and falling on stage) my name was announced through the whole auditorium. I smiled through the claps and the watchful yet loving eyes of the people who knew me personally throughout these three years,and with that- I let myself feel the deep sense of accomplishment, but a little part- just a little part– made me feel sad that this journey that I took with the most amazing people would end. There’d be no more scramble to the curly fries at the McDonalds, the mad rush to queue at the library to print our assignments or get our books at the respective bookshops, borrowing of chargers in the classroom and the list goes on and on.

I chose to study gerontology because it was the most pragmatic choice given my situation. If you knew me personally you’d have known that I was actually studying food science and quit school barely after four months to wait for the next intake to gerontology. I worked for six months at a local telecom doing admin and receptionist duties at their main office, I got both bullied at work (I was 17 then) by a guy who made me feel extremely uncomfortable- and protected by my colleagues (Who i still keep in touch with up till today). You would have known that while waiting for gerontology, I was already registering for Republic Polytechnic’s Hotel hospitality and tourism, and on the day that I made my student photo on campus, Temasek offered me a spot and I took it. You’d know that the final year studying gerontology was brutal for me, because I fared badly in strength and determination to focus on what I thought was important.

Amiss all these things, the most important thing gerontology did for me that was absolutely essential and a pure stroke of genius and luck-was that it gave me direction. With my internship at my final semester, I realized my dreams of being a social worker, as well as being in the industry of building relationships with one another. I had always had concerns, and so has my family of  this field. I prayed hard for a sign, and the internship spot and the people I met at internship did god’s work and helped me realize that I was where I needed to be.

Can you imagine how much differently things would have turned out? I would have not met the most amazing bunch of friends I know i can depend on, lecturers, orientation mates, experiences and culture of the true orange humanities and social sciences school here in Temasek. I think that’s what makes memories made so precious to keep. It flutters, it makes us feel incapacitated when things change and the uncertainty of the future being good or bad scares us. Thank you for everyone who has showed me limitless amounts of care and concern throughout my 3 years here at Temasek Polytechnic. Especially the amazing friends I’ve made throughout these 3 years. It could be the magic graduation goggles of over glorifying the past, but I’d like to think of it as closing a very significant growing chapter of my confused direction as a growing teenager and young adult in Singapore’s context today.

I love you guys! To our future endeavors!


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