Don’t ever look back (They’d tear us apart if you give them the chance)

A piece I wrote a year or two ago when I imagined what It’d feel like in the future, but never really understood emotions on a whole-

But when it boils down to what went wrong, it just means we were too different for one another. The only thing we had in common was that we both were too stubborn to admit that we saw it ending this way. We wanted more for ourselves, and expected more from each other. It isn’t wrong to know what you want, but when it is done at the expense of someone else? That, my friend. That is disregard. 

With our last attempt at saving our pride and dignity, we trudge away from one another with a strong front, knowing that this is the end. Some of us are disappointed, some of us hurt. But we know that we weren’t built for the bad weather or to last. We were build by convenience, stressed by social deadlines and engulfed by sheer loneliness. It was misguided to think we were the perfect puzzle  piece for one another. We just didn’t compliment each other the way we thought we did.

Now we are what we were, before anything was what is was.



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