He picks up the pieces

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Sitting back with my hair up in a bun and in PJ’s all ready for bed. The day went by so well that I couldn’t be more pleased with myself. Hair, dry like the wind! (I squeal).

Whoever thought individualism would make one feel so secure? So… empowered. So.. Strong? I sure as hell didn’t. I’ve spent most of my teenage years living a cautious life. Did that mean I was strange because I thought different? As much as I’ve been doing everything safe in my life, I’ve always screwed god’s plan’s for me time and time again with no remorse,  letting fear of the unknown grippe me.

So this time, I will wait. I will wait and let my life take its course the way it was meant to be. No more excuses, no more backtracking on set plans, and definitely, no more running away.

And maybe,  just maybe. When the time is right, I’ll start living the way I was made for.


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