Can’t let the music stop/Can’t let this feeling end

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Today was a day filled with reliving old childhood memories! I managed to catch up with two pals of mine, a late lunch and grocery shopping against the Saturday crowd with Jasper-who let me ride his ‘adult’ kick scooter after while he carried all my groceries (aw). Followed by a late supper with Ben as we drank slurpees (they don’t have slurpee straws like they used to when we were kids, It’s just normal straws now-no! ) and chatted the night away.

I’ve also been attempting to cook slightly healthier meals, such as cooking chicken with no oil, brown rice instead of white rice and adding fruits and yogurt to my diet. Don’t get me wrong I still love junk food (and still eat them) when I want to. I’m trying to eat everything in moderation now instead of gorging myself dead into obesity fifty years down the road.

My old Ipod Mini played this song on shuffle today and I had another flashback of the 16 year old me singing along in the wee hours of the morning while putting on my uniform and dragging my feet in my white shoes to school. I remember thinking how cute David Achuleta was, and how this song stood out from other songs which sang about nothing but sex, and there he was…. he was singing about how he wanted to hold someone’s hands. I can’t believe it but as soon as it started playing, I could remember every single word even though it’s been years since I last heard it!

Mother’s day is tomorrow and my family is having the whole gang over for a light buffet and that obviously means an ‘open house’. I’ve been extremely smart and cleaned my room of all unnecessary clutter and to prepare myself for another interrogation of “when/where are you starting university?”. Life’s good when you know how to Siam* (*Siam- To avoid ). I think my ‘siam’ skills have honed over the past few years, it’s almost like a live matrix Singapore Version.

Wishing everyone a great mother’s day!

xx, Cal


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