Over the line, Can’t define what I’m after

Ever since I started working full time, I’ve had good friends ask me how work is when we catch up. Some have extremely adverse reactions to their own jobs and countdown to the very last hour of Friday. Thankfully, for me- I love my job! I’d try to be as secretive as I can about what I do here as well as control the number of things I say or do at work because it’s after all an online blog and work should be as personal as my personal life on such a live forum. But if I had to put it to words, I only dread Mondays sometimes because I’m lazy to go to work, but definitely not because I hate my job. I am not desk bound, I enjoy what I’m doing and I have the funniest yet sweetest bunch of colleagues ever!

I admit I still ponder about my choice of the field because of the direction and paths my loved ones have for me. Their intentions, their feelings about the sector and their knowledge of my character traits and talents. But yet again, maybe the only person who knows you the best is yourself, right? There definitely are things that are secrets you keep to yourself. So maybe, just maybe- we need to have faith in what we are and who we have the potential to become.

Sigh. I thank God for his providence. I could have ended up anywhere for internship yet alone after graduation. This Monday we had cheesecups for refreshments for our weekly staff meetings 🙂

Also spent the time meeting up with my dearest Elly this week after work! We had dinner at Wild honey @ Scotts, which was famous for their all day brunch! She booked her flight here and was only staying for three days, and the last time I met up with her was when we were 13 ( 8 years ago!). For those who are wondering who Eltjse is, she’s actually my really close friend from childhood. We practically grew up together, same school, same school bus, same chinese group tuition, same church- until we turned 12 and her family decided to relocate overseas, we kept in touch via friendster, facebook and instagram until recently when she came back for a visit 🙂

We had a really good time reminiscing about the old times and how we used to copy each other’s ting xie and get canning half the time for failing her spelling. We were really, really bad at Chinese!20140505_192507[1]Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

I love how despite how much time has passed between us, it feels like we can start where we left off. I can’t wait for our next catch up when you’re back in SG!

Also revived my old Ipod mini from the olden days and forgot completely about one of my favourite songs….. you know the songs you played over and over again when you were in your teenage years and it doesn’t matter how long you’ve not heard it- but when you do- every memory, every emotion and every feel of that point of time comes back?

This was, and still is, one of the songs for me.

xx Cal


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