12 Things My Mother Taught Me About Life

Totally made my friday morning. TGIF!

Thought Catalog

image - Unsplash / Dominik Martin image – Unsplash / Dominik Martin

1. Punctuality is Key

You set your own alarms; skip the shower if you want to sleep a little later (at your own expense of personal hygiene of course). If you missed the school bus, you find your own way to school. If you have to be there at seven, leave the house at six. Never be late, it’s disrespectful.

2. An education is important

You don’t have to be a scholar, or earn a nobel prize. Read. Read to your interest. Interact; talk to people you wouldn’t usually talk to. You should be aware of the world and all its wonders, as well as the way it works and how it crumbles. Stop being a dreamer in your own fantasy.

3. You will make bad decisions

But you will learn from these terrible choices. How will you learn how to get up if…

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