Light beyond the tunnel

After making a thoughtful opinion known, my colleague looked at me and said, “You’re very logical. Very practical.” I wouldn’t lie but I was stunned for that split moment. I was then brought back to what I heard the last week during one of the weekly staff sharing- humans are only practical when they remove their emotions. But when they’re emotions are all over the place, there’s no room for reason.

This week has been nothing short of amazing. Been attempting a healthier lifestyle with better cooking habits (attempted to wake up early to cook and bring to work for lunch) and late night runs-though short but extremely fruitful with sprints instead of my usual long distance. I also bought the prettiest bracelet for myself from and I really love it so much (White and yellow small leaved daises are my favorite flowers!)

Also had a late night out with Saul where treated ourselves to 25 shots/2 of us + 2 cocktails i drank beforehand at the alley bar and Saul convinced me to take the train home while I was a little tipsy. The usual 40 minute train ride felt like 10 minutes I swear. Sweetest thing he did was insist to take the train with me and made sure I got home to my door- what a gentleman (considering he lives in the west and I live in the east). (I suffered the rest of the night and the morning after, headaches, heaviness and i felt so darn thirsty) Dragged myself out of bed for breakfast at Grub Bishan Park with my sisters the morning after. My brain was so fried by the morning after that I couldn’t seem to comprehend or talk to people. I mean, it was only eight in the morning after all. Jared came over in the afternoon and we had our usual laid back movie marathons (caught the wolf of wall street and american hustle) while eating curry instant noodles followed by an ice cream at a nearby MacDonalds-which i accidentally dropped and instead of helping me he burst out laughing first, and then bent down to help me throw it away. I was really sad.

For once in my life- I have decided to not worry about anything other than to leave it to god’s plan and timing. But if I could, I would ask god to stop time. Just for a moment. Now that time is fleeting that i realize how much I didn’t treasure the people or the moments around me. If I could be less of a human with a person less of nostalgia and sentimentality, i think I’d opt for it.

Or you know, I could totally turn off my humanity switch like how Enzo did. Which reminds me- when is the next episode coming out already?

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