The power of family

University choices are taking a toil on me as I struggle to fight for decisions on what I think I want to do in life. “‘You only live life once.” She said. “Live it to the fullest.” I swore I almost teared as I felt my heart turn to mush. I have so much to say and so little words to put into action as to how loved I felt- in that infinite moment- when you have nothing and everything at the same crushing moment. The overwhelming support and love from the people around me has made me realize how blessed I am, and I can’t help but feel extremely thankful for my family- no matter what the outcome will be.

I will cast all my worries and anxieties away. His plan and timing will never be wrong.

I don’t need much from people. I just need to know that they’d never give up on me. On my bad days, on days when I might not deserve a second chance. They try to pick me up again and again with their words of encouragement and acts of love. And when I see people try, that’s when I’d know – Hey. I’d like to try too.

I love all of you to bits and pieces ( sibling rivalry and arguments/bad pictures included).



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