Observation at it’s best

How do people do it? How do people just wake up one day and just -not- care anymore? I struggle with it on a daily basis, fighting every ounce in my body not to think, to not act on, to not do anything beyond a line I have drawn for myself.  Sometimes I wonder how difficult it’s been to even try to understand myself when my mood fluctuates like a pendulum. I could be completely ignorant of myself, and the next minute it overwhelms me so much. I just don’t understand it.30538_1435921259211_1268366211_1234988_3171802_n[1]

I don’t even know where I’m going with this so let’s just drop it *like its hot* (breaks off into snoop dog’s rap)  but let’s just sum up my week -which was amazing in all it’s wonders! Work has been getting a little more energy zapping so I’ll try to update this space as often as I can (to the best of my ability). Here goes!

This week’s program with the seniors was me attempting to teach the seniors how to do blow art with a straw! I was so nervous about it previously because the last time I did eggshell mosaic art with them they didn’t seem too keen and some gave up halfway because it was too difficult. But this time however, the vibes were completely different! A senior even commented in mandarin that she was already so old but this is the first time she used a straw to do art!*awww*

A picture at the end of the session of me with the seniors! I’ve grown so comfortable to quite a few of them that they hold a special place in my heart. I’ve never been a artsy person but I was in awe of what it did for me- I used to take art so lightly last time in primary school but now I realize how art connected people. I couldn’t be more thankful for the raves and good praise the seniors had for this session, as well as the constant encouragement of my mentor and colleague in the same team.IMG_20140422_111348[1]Also, for the very first time in my life, I spent more than I would usually spend (from my own pocket) for my very own….IMG_20140423_200356[1]Nike Flynit 4.0!

I had my eye set on the Flynit 3.0 back in September last year when it first came out. I went to the shop with my heart set on it, but when I tried it on- the functionality of the band around the ankles made me feel extremely uncomfortable, so i opted for these ones instead which were so much more comfortable and the color it had was LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT.

But before I sound like a spoiled brat I’d like to let you know that I actually gawked at the price tag for awhile- but i reasoned with myself that this is an investment for me and my fitness, sadly because my old/current shoes were actually dropping it’s rubber from the underneath and lost its grip so I had no choice but to replace it. I actually slipped on two occasions after a run because the void decks were wet and I landed once on my tailbone which hurt like mad but look so pretty! (so glad i could finally afford it- Yay!)

With the new shoes in hand-Sarah and I have started hitting the gym more regularly after work! We’ve tried kickboxing as well as Pilates so far- and I really like Pilates class! It’s just the right amount of wind down after a long day at work 🙂

IMG_20140422_222547[1]  IMG_20140424_223131[1]

Jared has become *officially* my source of entertainment on early mornings when we don’t have anything to do while on the way to work or when he’s waiting for his day to start. Before you guys get in on the jokes I would like to state that it is strictly and mutually platonic (14 years of being friends!) (we actually fist bumped to this). Some hilarious worlds that deserved a print screen:

1) He was heading off to Phuket and gave us his airplane number and said “If it goes missing, fucking find me!”

2) He sent me and Carol a picture of the shirt we bought for his 23rd birthday. I asked him to iron it because it was SO crumpled (refer to picture below). His reply was “Real men don’t iron”.

3) Him chiding me on being a cat lady for the rest of my life (this opinion is fairly popular though)although his wise words of wisdom for that day was “keep trying and keep healing”.

Screenshot_2014-04-24-08-11-26[1]Screenshot_2014-04-14-11-21-39[1] Screenshot_2014-04-16-08-10-54[1]

And lastly………

We had Mediacorp come to our organization to do a program episode on channel 8 with our beloved seniors! We had 3 local celebrities come to film which was Zheng Ke Ping, together with his wife Hong Huifang as well as Cheryl Wee. Our seniors were so excited about them coming, it was extremely cute.

Personally not a fan of being a fan but it was a good experience!IMG-20140424-WA0007[1]IMG-20140424-WA0009[1]


So that sums up my amazing week! 🙂

xx Cal


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