Free spirit

I love being around the right kind of people that make me feel comfortable. The ones who know where they’re headed, what they’re doing and how they’re going to get there. They show their brutally honest skills of directions which make me feel peacefully at ease, because I know they possess the courage to go out and get what they want out of life- running through geographical barriers,fighting through financial difficulties and internal debates of fears of not belonging or getting caught up in the wave of the rat race. I like that they take such pride in their life, as they continually inspire me to do the same in mine.

I’d never have thought that the disappointment will stop, but slowly I learnt that the expectations stop with each step I take away from the people that hurt me intentionally. It doesn’t matter how slow I go, as long as I don’t stop- removing every single meaning they once held in my life.

And recently, after a long time in my life, I feel free.


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