We sure know how to run free

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Lets just say that I have my bad days and my good days.

Spent the morning with the usual bunch at our usual prawn noodle hangout! we usually meet on Sundays but because we’d all be busy this Sunday and the next we decided to push it to today instead. Jared has this really sweet habit of buying otah for all of us before our noodles come and the first time he bought all chili (and then realized i don’t eat chili otahs because they’re too spicy for me). Today when he arrived he had some non-spicy ones in the bag and I was like “aw you remembered”. Sigh blessed with such amazing childhood pals :’)

Caught Divergent with Shao Liang today and it was a really good movie! I really liked the plot and how they could incorporate so many things at once, including how the tests were a subset of the movie like inception, a test within a test of a test.  I was completely intrigued into the movie although the ending was pretty much a bust. Oh please let there be a sequel!

I even had to google four’s real name- which happens to be ‘Theo James’ because he was that good to watch.

Also, been mad hooked to lorde’s team song. Although I don’t know 85% of the lyrics. It’s been playing really often on the radio in the morning and it’s a really chippy song for the morning while getting ready for work.

It feels like sunday but it’s only saturday! As much as I love work, I love my free days too. *yawn*

till then




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