But when I need you (& I know that’s not enough)

Wow. It’s been almost 5 days since I last posted! Time really flies and there isn’t much time to catch up, but I’ll keep trying nonetheless 🙂

Work has been extremely well to me, although I did get joked at for not knowing my bible stories. This week was spent playing a inverted pictionary game with the seniors, as well as having our staff’s annual chill out lunch, which was 21 on Rajah. The spread wasn’t that great but I ate their chili prawns which were really good with their fried rice. (I don’t eat prawns but I thought I’d just try anyway) But I think I’m going to abstain from them for awhile, too much high cholesterol and prawns are poor little creatures. Oh but they taste good with sauce!

Saul came to the east on Monday night! I felt so bad because I’ve been postponing forever because I’m always half dead after work and he lives so near my workplace (which is in the west). I was choosing deodorant sprays/roll on and I said to Saul : “I want one that isn’t cold in the morning!“He gave me this look and said, “They’re ALL cold in the morning!

Nivea needs to create a warm/room temperature roll on deodorant. I’d be the first to buy it. It’s too cold in the morning to be putting on cold roll on deodorant on sensitive armpits (just-saying) .

Had my usual favorite old town noodle soup with a cup of iced chocolate. It was barely nine before I told him that I needed to go home and shower and head to bed, and started to walk him to the steps of the train station. But guess what? He said he should walk every girl to her (at the very least) void deck because it’s safer and what a gentleman would do. #faithinhumanityrestored #chivarlyatitsverybest

Processed with VSCOcam with b5 presetI was on half day on Tuesday as I went to run some errands in the afternoon. I spent the rest of the afternoon sleeping before my sister drove down to the east to pick me up for a sister dinner! It’s been awhile since we had this and we ended up eating at Poulet at Changi Airport! My sister loves escargots (ew) I just really think it’s sad to eat snails. They’re such nice slow creatures.

Had a long talk about future plans, goals, and most importantly-my university education. (So much struggles, really) It’s so weird to say this but I love how much I trust my sister in terms of her opinions and her expertise. We’re 9 years apart but when she says something, they have a lot of weight on me because I know that whatever she advises me are for the best intentions possible. Thank you sissy for all the ears when it comes to my future (or whatever is left of it haha) Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetI had bubble tea that afternoon and dinner at Poulet was a plate amazing and tasty pork belly! Sarah and I felt extremely guilty for our feasts (and also considering that I was actually going to the 21 on Rajah buffet the next day) we went to run at 10.30pm in the night….. it was the first time I didn’t bring my phone to track our distance or speed because an s5 is just too big to carry.

This was us after the run (candid) :Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Yesterday (thursday) and I took a day trip with Jared, Ben, Cecilia and Huanyi to cable ski at batam! Huanyi stayed over my place so we could go together in the morning. My arms are aching as I type this- and I didn’t even do much!

Firstly, Cable Skiing is a lot more difficult than I expected it to be. We were first given a knee board to understand the pull of the cables, and I had a lot of difficultly turning. On one occasion my helmet fell over and I couldn’t see, and crashed into the water face in. After that, we upgraded to ski boards, and with the instructor’s help and many many tries, we could only get up on water and move about 30m before we crashed into the water. After this experience, I really had respect for the people who trained for cable skiing- because it was really more difficult than we had anticipated!

The rope pulls a person at speed 30km per hour, and the force by pulling yourself against the current is really difficult. The falls especially when you crash forwards (face first) in the water is extremely painful, and the water goes right in your nose. It takes great guts and a lot of practice to go and I’m glad that we all managed to have a good experience although we were really, really bad at it HAHA

2/5 of us managed to finish the course of the park on their boards though (Ben and Cecila) the power couple, so I guess we didn’t do too bad HAHA. My arms were aching by the almost end of the day so I ended up playing foosball with Jared and Huanyi and feeding the resident monkey whose name was Dora (who grabbed onto my chain and made me freak out).

All of us were so tired that by the time we reached the boat Jared knocked out and I didn’t feel like talking. Although I was annoying Jared to get up because he had disturbed me when I was sleeping on the boat there.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset20140417_113544 20140417_114157 20140417_114658 20140417_114818 IMG-20140417-WA0027  20140417_171141

Till then!




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