This is wrong (but who am I to judge)

I apologize for the lack of updates on this space-this week has been mad packed with events such as work, dinner and get together’s with friends,  university applications and interviews, and even my niece’s 4th birthday! This year has been nothing short of eventful and I really, couldn’t ask for more.

On Saturday, I ran my organization’s program by myself for the very first time- and although it was very stressful in the beginning, I learnt so much along the way- and was very thankful that everything turned out alright! After the event, I changed and went over to Marina Bay Sands to attend Singtel’s Samsung S5 launch with the ever so gentlemanly Khee- (who at one point of lunch pulled out a chair for me to sit before he did, aw) who accompanied me to get my very first…..

Android phone!


I’ve been using an Iphone 4S for the last 26 months (and paying through my nose with a high end plan for it) but yes the Iphone has served me very well but it’s time for a change! As much as apple converts to android, I don’t find the user interface as difficult to get used to, and I really enjoy the screen- which is AMAZING. It’s only day 2 and it might be too soon to tell but for now, I’m really enjoying the S5!

Oh Yes, I caught up with Khee on Saturday and we stuffed ourselves silly with Steamed pork buns at Ding Tai Fung (yums). A really good catch up with him, and it’s been awhile since I could actually share my thoughts and opinions about certain things that are really frowned (or not so much) upon among our peers.

20140412_151627Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

And pictures of Janelle’s 4th! She asked me to stick out my tongue and then burst out laughing (and she knows what a ‘Selfie’ is now gosh)


20140412_184739 20140412_184812  20140412_204457


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