“I hope we last through the ages”

Since about a year ago, I’ve come to the conclusion after trying multiple low fat yogurt brands that my favorite was the thick and creamy brand (with the help of carol and neh’s recommendation, of course).  I was happily snacking on it today (to attempt a healthier digestive system) at work while reading emails only to be told by my colleague that the reason why it tasted so good was because it was …….. full cream milk. I laughed in disbelief as i turned my tub to the nutritional label. I almost died.

I’m not exactly super calorie conscious but ever since a week ago when I decided to make it a point to eat slightly healthier (less soft drinks, more fruits etc) and to see that i’ve been consuming almost 800 kcal with every 100g felt like… I basically felt very cheated by my blur complexity that I didn’t realize this earlier. It’s been almost a year! one year!

Well, at least one other exciting thing was that I finally have my own corporate name card! (For the first time in my life! #achievementunlocked)

I was also pleasantly surprised by KL who attempted to surprise me at my workplace with my favorite beverage from Starbucks. Sigh,  so blessed! She was so cute and was debating between a green tea frap or an ice lemonade (but she made the right choice for the mood I was having after stuffing myself silly with full cream yogurt…. if i had the frap i would be bursting at the seams.)

Dinner was spent catching up with the poly girls before KL goes off for her backpacking trip around Taiwan this weekend! I had my favorite sushi for dinner-mango with fried shrimp and mayo (YUM). A lot of jokes and laughter between us girls, and also a lot of tired faces (me and Caroline after work) before we called it a day!I couldn’t ask for anything more, really.

I’ll leave the pictures to do the talking, it’s been a long day and bed calls!

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