The rickety old bridge

A boy and a girl stood at the foot of a rickety old bridge. From where they were they saw a large apple tree, ripened with an abundance of fruits and shelter from the hot sweltering sun.

Let’s use the bridge to get to the other side!” The girl suggested, excited. “We could eat and be merry and sit under the tree all day before we make our way back home!” She smiled.

That sounds like fun!” The boy said. “But, I am too afraid to cross the rickety old bridge. I am afraid it would break and I will drown in the river, for i cannot swim.” He said sadly.

lets go together then!” the little girl said, grabbing his hand. “I can swim, I will save you!

The boy however was taken aback and pushed her aside, screaming at the top of his voice “I already told you, I can’t go because I’m too afraid! I’ll join you when the bridge is fixed.

The girl was disappointed, but chose to cross the bridge. She steadily crossed the rickety old bridge and spent that evening alone climbing the apple tree, eating her fill and taking shade underneath it’s arms, while the boy stood on the other side and watched her be merry. By the end of the evening, he groaned. “I should have just gone with you, I was so bored sitting at this beginning of the rickety old bridge that i counted my fingers and toes a million times!” He whined.

The girl regrettably smiled at him. “The rickety old bridge was condemned by the village and will be demolished tomorrow, and so, we can never visit the apple tree again. we can still look at it from afar and amaze at it’s beauty.”

“What?!” Shouted the boy. “Why didn’t you tell me then?”

“You see. While i sat under the apple tree watching you from afar, I realized fear became your everything. Nothing i could say would make you join me under the apple tree. 

Only the tinge of regret that you feel, could become your lesson to bravery and trust.”



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