But I’m only human

I am challenged everyday to understand human behavior at it’s best.

The idea of the erosion of human decency due to personal experience is baffling. From what I’ve seen, the people who are the least giving seem to have the harshest story to tell. It doesn’t always stem from childhood. I used to think that the most terrible people out there were the ones who had no compassion and thought for others. But now ,I’ve come to realize that the pain through which they learnt from their past experiences- this pain-made them hard in life.

It’s a thick block of ice around, hard and painful to break through. Your hands suffer from the frostbite and bleed from the cold. You beg for them to let you in but they can’t because they can’t do anything about it’s natural hostility. You can only hope the sun would come out, even though it seems like it’s been eventual winter.

I think to myself time and time again about being a better human everyday. But then I realize how hard it is to just be a decent one. But I guess, the only thing that sets us apart is that (i hope) that I’d keep trying.

“You’re looking for a unicorn. A unicorn does not exist.”


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